A Romantic and Heart Breaking Novel

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Paige Moran

Staff Writer

One of my favorite and least favorite books of all time is “Taking Chances” by Molly McAdams. It’s my favorite book ever because it has a great storyline and I love all the characters – for the most part, and it’s my least favorite book because of the terrible ending.

Whenever I read or talk about this book it makes me cry.

If you love romance novels with love triangles, then this is the book for you!

Harper, the main character, is finally moving out of her father’s house on the military base in North Carolina to California on the other side of the country. Her father and her brother were not too happy she was leaving, but Harper couldn’t wait to move and head off to college.

Breanna, Harper’s college roommate, introduces Harper to her brother Chase at a party. Of course, Harper and Chase have chemistry even though they don’t get off on the right foot. She even went as far to pull a Lorena Bobbitt on him.

A few days later, at school, Harper, Breanna, Chase, and all of his friends are sitting together eating lunch, this is when Harper meets Brandon, Chase’s best friend, and the final piece of the love triangle.

Of course, when they meet Chase is jealous immediately and tries to keep Harper to himself by almost dragging her away.

Eventually, Harper and Brandon start dating while Chase has to try and keep his jealousy hidden.

After a few months of dating, Brandon takes Harper to meet his family in a different state. They both stay for Christmas, but Harper had to leave earlier, so while Brandon was with his family, Harper was back in California with Chase.

Chase, a tattoo artist, decides to give Harper a tattoo as her Christmas present, only if he can have full creative control over it, and she has to put her trust in him because she isn’t allowed to see is until Chase is completely finished.

The placement he decides is perfect is her ribs, so of course, she is practically shirtless with a man who is in love with her.

After Chase finishes, they have a moment, but she runs to Chase’s parents’ house – who have become like parents to Harper – before anything can happen between the two.

Chase has no idea she runs there until he is irate and inside the house with her. Harper and Chase get into an argument before things get heated.   

Who does she end up with?

This is one of the saddest books I’ve ever read in my entire life, and everyone I know who has read it to says the same thing. I told my mom to read it and she yells at me every time for ruining her life by reading it.

“Taking Chances” has a companion book called, “Stealing Harper” which is the same storyline, but in Chase’s point of view. In Chase’s book, they have some senses from Harper’s book in his point of view, but McAdams changes it up by adding a few extra scenes.

Just wait for the last scene, you will be sobbing for days!

McAdams also wrote a love story about the children from this book and children from her other book.

If you ever read this book, please have five boxes of tissues near by because trust me, you are going to use every single last one.

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