ESU Mobile: An Advantage to Everyone

Photo Credit/ Yaasmeen Piper ESU students are continuously checking ESU Mobile to learn the latest news about their university.

Edita Bardhi

Opinion Editor

Last year, East Stroudsburg University introduced its students to a new upgrade: ESU Mobile.

  As its name suggests, ESU Mobile is a friendly, easy-to-use app for students to access their school account, find information and more on their circular device.

  Amongst all ESU’s upgrades within the past year, ESU Mobile is the most useful. Students can now check all their ESU-related data without any worry.

  As one of those students, I greatly appreciate this option.

The app has a recognizable icon with the new ESU logo that we have been introduced to last January at the Big Reveal.

This icon allows cellphone users like me to easily differentiate the ESU app from the rest.

  In addition, the main screen is pleasing to the eye in a couple of ways.

Personally, I have always preferred headings and titles to be centered on the page.

Its position grabs readers’ attention and shows that the whole page revolves around the text in the title.

The full spelling of ‘East Stroudsburg University’ is also positive.

  I believe my admiration for that comes from not using acronyms and ‘text language.’ Most people today choose to use one or the other, however, I have always spelled out words even while using American Instant Messenger (AIM) For those of you who are familiar with my responses, whether via email, messenger or text, then you would know clearly well how they appear.

Each time, my responses appear like paragraphs; however, that is because I type the words out completely.

  Its appearance is not the best part about ESU Mobile. 

Instead, the best part is of how much data us students can access through the app.

  Taking a step backward, cell phone apps can vary regarding the features and options it provides users.

Most apps have a decent amount of options whereas others make us question if it’s worth installing.

  As a cell phone user, I know I become annoyed installing an app only to find out there is not much offered.

At these moments, I conclude that I would rather go through the trouble of logging into my desktop account, open a browser, search for the website and then login into the website account.

Sounds like a lot of work, right?

  Well, some apps out there influence us to use the desktop version.

ESU Mobile doesn’t.

Everything us students can find on MyESU and D2L we can also find on the app.

  On the upper left-hand corner, the tab drops down a list of these findings.

Even then, they are organized into three categories: Academics, Student Resources, News & Events, Campus Information, and Actions.

  If I were to list all the tabs in these categories, it would be a long list. That is a good thing.

The longer the list, the more data we can access.

  For the sake of it, I’ll list my favorites.

They include Student Grades, Courses, Academic Calendar, Warrior Shuttle, Student Email, D2L, eCard, Campus Map and Faculty/Staff Directory.

All these tabs provide me and surely other ESU students with useful information.

What are our grades?

When is the shuttle arriving?

Who tried to contact me?

How much money do I have on my meal plan?

Where is something located?

What contents are posted on D2L?

What is the school calendar?

  These are all questions that continuously wander in our mind throughout our day on campus grounds.

Aside from the actual benefits, but an ESU application like this is a good idea for one reason: it’s college.

College requires students to concentrate on their school work and possibly the little things about college.

This means that they will be preoccupied and will not have the opportunity to check information as fast as they would like.

Having a mobile app helps college students in this area.

They can

As a college student and will always be preoccupied with their school work and the little things in life.

I believe that the upgraded ESU Mobile helps us to answer these questions quickly and turn our attention back to our studies.

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