New Final Exam Policy Designed to Help Students

It's time for finals week! Photo Courtesy / ESU

Erica Correia

Contributing Writer

Finals week is coming around the corner with only two weeks until the first exam day on Dec. 10.

This semester the university passed a policy that allows students to work with their professors on setting up an alternative exam date if the student has more than two exams in one day.

The student must put in this request 21 days before the first exam day. That would mean that for this semester students would have had to put the request in on or before Nov. 19.

Francina Phillips, the academic affairs chair and student senate representative, said that she was aware that students were overwhelmed with having more than two exams in one day.

“I did feel very strongly about this because as a student myself, having more than two exams in one day can be very stressful for finals week, especially if most of your exams are cumulative,” she said.

Others involved in writing the policy included Provost Bruno, Dr. Terry Berry and the Academic Affairs sub-committee on the University Center.

During the process, the committee discussed how the new policy would be worded to student and staff and how the university was to introduce the policy to the student body, as well as, the faculty.

“I certainly understand why it is a good idea for students not to take more than three exams in the same day,” said Communications professor Cem Zeytinoglu. “However, I am not sure if this policy really will address this problem effectively.”

This is the same opinion many faculty members have as it is believed that not all of the problems with the policy were worked through.

“The exam policy has ramifications that are unique to individual professors and students,” said English professor Jan Selving.

These opinions stem from the fact that many professors believe that if a student did have a problem with more than two exams in one day that they could work it out with their professor with the assistance from the administration.   

Other problems with the policy are that it would be up to the students to check their final exam days early on every semester so to make sure the time limit is not passed and that students may not decide to switch their exam day at the thought of their final exam being different from the other students.

Students, on the other hand, have used the new policy to their advantage.

“I have just one student who has more than two exams on one day, and has already made arrangements for that student to take the exam outside of our scheduled final day,” Professor Selving said.

This is just one example of the policy being put to use. Students also had their own opinions about the new policy.

“I think that’s really beneficial because exams are stressful, especially if they are cumulative, so limiting exams to two a day takes some of the stress off of students and allows them more time to do better so their scores will be higher on all their exams,” Sky Jardinne, a second-year nursing major, said.

Finals week can be a stressful time for students.

Many students work during finals week, so time management skills are put to the test to make sure they have enough time to study for every final.

“I agree with this policy because many students have to work during finals week, so having the option to spread out their final exam schedule will make it easier to manage study time,” said Darcy Opperman, a second-year political science major.

The university has made this new policy a priority for the students as they saw this as an opportunity to help out its students in light of their issue.

“I will say this—professors at ESU are committed to student success, and understand the difficulty that students face when they have three exams on one day,” Professor Selving said.

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