Advice Column: What To Do During The Cold Weather

Photo Credit / Wikimedia Commons

Edita Bardhi

Opinion Editor

Winter break has ended, but the cold weather has not. In fact, the months of January until March are the coldest months of the entire year, especially at East Stroudsburg, P.A.

Do not worry.

The colder weather may be of a scare; however, there is some good to lower temperatures.

The word, ‘snow,’ should say it all.

During these colder months, us as individuals get the opportunity to do outdoor activities, ones that we may not normally get to during the other seasons.

Some of the outdoor activities include ice skating, ice skiing, snowboarding, building a winter bonfire and making s’mores, snowshoeing, winter camping, cross-country skiing, sledding, ice fishing, winter picnicking, sightseeing the winter landscape and building snowballs and having a snowball fight with others.   

All these are enjoyable activities – the best part is, you can do them on your own or with family and friends.

Another advantage to colder weathers is, the indoors. Considerably, colder weather encourages us to stay indoors and do indoor activities.

These may include: watching movies, reading books, making hot cocoa, baking, playing board games, resting and spending time with family and friends.

The cold weather is good or bad depending on what you are planning to do.

However, whatever you do, do it safely.

During the next few months, you and everyone alike will be experiencing poor weather conditions, let alone a variety of them.

There is always a possibility of getting frostbite, slipping and falling and getting hurt overall.

Also, there is a chance of getting sick.

We cannot seem to experience the winter season without experiencing some type of sickness.

Therefore, it is important that you dress for the weather. This includes wearing a good quality coat, a fleece or heavy sweater, warm clothing and good quality boots.

In addition, we may want to layer up on our clothing, whether we wear two pairs of shirts or an undershirt and a shirt.

We may also want to wear a long sleeved shirt.

Having said this, I must also add how layering up can be annoying, but it is worth it in the end.

We must not forget about the hat, scarf, and gloves. These three things you may believe are unnecessary, but just remember how red our hands become because of the cold weather.

Also, our hands can feel frozen if left uncovered, especially for a long period of time.

Our wardrobe is not the only thing that determines our health.

We must be careful of personal hygiene, shared items and more.

One way you can approach this is by carrying around a bottle of hand sanitizer.

You may also want to wash your wardrobe consistently and clean your living space twice as often as you normally do.

In all, the cold weather can be enjoyable, but there are really high health risks if we do not approach it properly.

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