Novel Leads to an Unexpected Detour

Photo Credit / Paige Moran Amy and Roger find themselves on an epic adventure in this novel.

Paige Moran

Staff Writer

Everyone needs to take a road trip every once in a while, or read a good book about a road trip!

The first book that one of my favorite authors Morgan Matson wrote is “Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour.”

Amelia “Amy” Curry has been alone in the only house she has ever known, watching their realtor show strangers around.

Her twin brother, Charlie, has been sent away to an “academic enrichment camp” (or at least that’s what they have been telling everyone), her mother is across the country in Stanwich, Connecticut, and her father died in a car accident. Ever since then, Amy has avoided driving altogether.

Amy’s mother was going to fly Amy and the car across the country until she realized how expensive it was going to be. Now, Roger, someone Amy hasn’t seen since fifth grade, is going to drive her to Conn., before he goes to Philadelphia to spend the summer with his father.

Amy’s mother sends a very specific schedule they must follow, she even booked certain hotels they have to stay in.

They decide to pass on following her schedule and take a little detour, starting by spending the night at Yosemite National Park.

Already being a day behind, Roger asks if they can stop by Colorado College in Colorado Springs to see his ex-girlfriend. She broke up with him, but Roger has no idea why and he just has to find out.

Along the way, they play 20 Questions, drive on Highway 50 also-known-as The Loneliest Road in America, and even stayed in a hotel under the name of Edmund and Hillary Udell in their Honeymoon Suite!

Once they arrive in Colorado Springs, they find out Roger’s ex-girlfriend is in her home state of Kentucky. And after spending the night with some of his college friends, Amy and Roger take another detour to Kentucky!

Along the way, they meet new friends, take new adventures, and learn new truths about Amy’s dad and brother, and eventually, Amy’s mother finds out what they’ve really been up to.

What is awesome about Matson’s books is that in all of them, starting with this one, she makes playlists. Also, in every chapter, there are actual pictures Matson took! She took the same route as Amy and Roger did which, I think, brings the book to life.

The book wasn’t too long, about 300 pages, but if you have time, read it! And when you get to the end, don’t forget the tissues!

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