Shyamalan’s ‘Glass’ is Worth A Watch

Priscilla Welch

Contributing Writer

Fantastic, terrifying, slow-paced, and mesmerizing. We got another one folks, another M. Shyamalan movie, and it was actually good… well in a way. Here’s why!

Each individual character did well, but the plot was not enough. We had all these background flashes of each characters life. I must say I had a lot of mixed feelings for this movie.

As usual, there were a lot of twists. One recurring theme is that you cannot control everything. Things naturally come to light and you cannot hide the truth.

The hero is Joseph, aka the Overseer, played by Bruce Willis, the Mastermind is Mr. Glass, played by Samuel L. Jackson, and the villain is Kevin, aka the Horde or “The Beast,” played by James McAvoy.

Everyone had separate movies but all of their stories are connected. Bruce Willis’s character, the Overseer, is from the 2000 movie called “Unbreakable.”

As for McAvoy’s character, he came from the movie “Split” that pulled in great numbers in the box office. So, if you were a fan of those two you would be a fan of Glass. It connects all three characters. In my opinion, this was just a perfect movie for  McAvoy to shine.

By the end, instead of clapping in theaters, fans left questioning who they really are or what they just watched.

Wait, but then again… do we even still clap in theaters? Or do we sit back and laugh and talk throughout the movie. For movies that can be based on comics or connected to other movies, I think we do.

  This movie challenges us to think and to wonder what is real and what is fake. This movie will have you question who’s the real villain and what the meaning is of a true villain and a hero. Is it about superheroes and villains, or is it about patients with mental disabilities who are abused and exploited.

In my opinion, I think it is both. The movie had a way of referencing the other characters’ storylines. Throughout the movie, different characters were reading comics in a comic book store to figure what each main character’s abilities were.

I feel like the doctor, played by Sarah Paulson, was downright evil and did not want to help anyone in the first place. Instead, she wanted to get rid of them and hide them from the world. She tried to make them believe they were the same as everyone else, and she was not alone. The patients were not treated well and it ended badly.

Furthermore, I believe out of most Shyamalan movies this was one of his best ones yet. So it’s not a total waste of time and money. If you’re into the typical Villain vs. Hero, then this is the movie for you. If you are into psychological and action movies then this is also the movie for you. So, go watch Glass and enjoy!

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