Chilling Read for Winter Weather

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Paige Moran

Staff Writer

Remember the snow storm last year that had hundreds of people stranded on highways and even route 611?

Now imagine getting stuck in a blizzard on a mountain in the middle of nowhere in Idaho.

That is what happens to Britt Pfeiffer in “Black Ice,” by Becca Fitzpatrick.

Britt, her best friend, Korbie, and Korbie’s brother, Calvin – who also happens to be Britts ex-boyfriend – are on their way to Calvin’s cabin in the mountains.

About a year before their trip, a young woman was drugged at a bar and murdered in the same area as the cabin.

Their trip started as rain and as they drove up the mountain it changed from rain to sleet and finally to snow.

Britt’s Jeep Wrangler was doing a good job of climbing the hill until it began to break down. Soon, even the snow became too much for the off-road vehicle. It didn’t matter how hard Britt pushed, The Wrangler would continue to stall out.

She finally stopped not knowing if they were still on the road or inches from the edge of a cliff.

All they had in the Jeep were some sleeping bags and both girls knew they couldn’t spend however long it took for someone to find them in the car.

So, Britt decides to get out and look for another cabin; surely, they couldn’t be the only ones on the mountain.

  Finally, after an hour of wandering through the snow, they came upon a cabin with its lights on. When they knock on the door, Mason – a man Britt met earlier at the gas station – answers the door.

The girls and Shaun, Mason’s friend, wanted to spend the night at the cabin, but Mason doesn’t agree. For some reason, Mason really didn’t want them to spend the night, it seemed he would rather have had them spend the night out in the blizzard.

He finally agreed to let them stay. All four of them seemed to be having a good time. They had drinks, and Shaun even made chili. Britt started to feel weird like she wanted to laugh at even the most serious things.

All of a sudden, Shaun pulled a gun from his waistband and threatened the girls to give them their hiking equipment from their car so the boys can get off the mountain.

Shaun and Mason hold Britt and Korbie hostage while the girls lead them down to the car, and then off the mountain.

Britt and Korbie must figure out a way to lose the men and make their way out of the mountains alive.

“Black Ice” will keep you on you guessing and on your toes. This was a really enjoyable book! It will really make you wonder who you can trust.

The book was a rollercoaster from the beginning! Once you think they are going to be saved – BAM – something you would have never expected happens, like murder.

And with another round of snow approaching – hopefully bringing a snow day! – this would be the perfect time to pick up “Black Ice.”Email Paige at: