We Asked Our Staff ‘What Makes Your Snow Day Interesting and Less Boring?

ESU student, Travis West, spent his snow day building an ESU sculpture in front of Monroe Hall. Photo Credit / Andrew Baer

Charlese Freeman

Student Life Editor

“When I’m not catching up on school work on a snow day, I like to binge watch the office, read Allen Watts, edit photos, or lay in bed and do absolutely nothing – lay there and exist. ” 

                          -Sean Mickalitis, News Editor


“I usually fix myself a nice breakfast (a rarity in my busy schedule), catch up on sleep (3-4 hour naps), & continue to binge-watch shows I’m in the middle of, which is Game of Thrones as of now.”                      

                      -Ayanna Totten,  Staff Writer


“I enjoy listening to music and dancing. Two songs I really like are Bailando by Enrique Iglesias and Despacito, but I also like to use the free time to clean and organize my room.”

                          -Edita Bardhi, Opinion Editor


“My favorite thing to do on a snow day is to spend some time making hot cocoa, watching the snow, and daydreaming of days where I don’t need to shovel my giant driveway out.”

                      -Michael Chintalan, A&E Editor


“I ususally catch up on recreational reading and mediate.

                 -Cole Tamarri, Managing Editor


“I like to catch up on more reading, both personal and school related. I also like to plan out my week. Right now, I’m reading, I’m reading this book called Dear Martin, in honor of Black History Month.”

                     -Yaasmeen Piper, Editor-in-Chief