Closing of School

Photo Credit / Sean Mickalitis ESU campus has had inches upon inches of snow due to the snow storms that have occurred this spring semester.

Edita Bardhi

Opinion Editor 

Since the spring semester first began, ESU has had numerous snow days and delays. To be exact, it has had three closings and two delays.

  All these snow days and delays resulted in certain classes only occurring a few times and the others being at risk of cancellation.

The university is not to blame for the area of East Stroudsburg’s receiving heavy snowstorms.

All the same, it does not lower the stress levels of us college students. In fact, the numerous snow days and delays only higher our stress levels.

As mentioned, certain classes (Tuesday/Thursday schedule) have not occurred as often as they usually would.

Thus, students have missed lectures, assignments, professor-to-student interaction and so forth that they would receive if only they had class.

Normally, students are delighted to hear that class is canceled.

Yet, the amount of snow days and delays that ESU has had has probably left the Tuesday/Thursday classes very much behind schedule.

The reason why should be obvious.

As college students, we become forgetful of our assignments, uncertain of due dates and overall confused.

The numerous snow days and delays just worsen all of this.

Besides, it forces us, students, to alter our schedule, both our personal schedule and our work schedule.

For instance, the newspaper editors and I chose to have layout-night a day prior to our usual set-date.

Our decision was based upon the snowstorm – we wanted to avoid the poor weather altogether.

Obviously, we managed to finish the layout and publish on our usual date; however, that small change threw me off for the rest of the week.

Particularly, it felt like we were ahead of schedule. 

Another drawback to these snow days and delays… projects.

By projects, I am referring to any assignment that requires a lot of focus and work.

For some people, it may be a research paper, a presentation, a  conference, events and/or meetings.

We usually do not realize it, but we often become stressed by the possibility of a snow storm.

Moreover, this has become an ongoing issue for the spring semester.

Last spring, we missed at least five Wednesdays.

I remember being enrolled in ENGL 319: Creative Writing Nonfiction; however, we barely had class.

This upset me since I really enjoyed that course for the time spent.

I wish I could have learned more in that course, interacted with my classmates, read their piece of work, shared more of my insights and overall given it my full attention.

Yet, it was difficult since ESU closed due to poor weather conditions.

Also, there had been a spring semester that was well-known for its poor weather condition.

The semester had school closings for the first five Mondays. This caused the classes to lose half its semester.

Both these scenarios startle me, and the spring semesters continue to startle me.

I remember last week I realized: the courses we enroll in for the spring semester will most likely not exist.

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