Bestseller Brings A Healthy Mix of Aliens and Drama

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Makenzie Borum

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The book “I Am Number Four,” by Pittacus Lore, a pseudonym for authors Jobie Hughes and James Frey, defies what we can expect from the regular alien-drama combo.

Pittacus Lore manages to capture a comic book feel to his story but makes it his own by creating characters we can relate to.

This New York Times bestseller was published in July 2009 and received the movie treatment in 2011. It can be found on Netflix.

The series has continued with five books following this one, along with several spin-off books.

The book keeps you in suspense and has you guessing what’s going to happen next. The way the story is told also pulls at the heartstrings because of the main character’s hardships.

“I Am Number Four” is written with energy and fluidity. It moves at an impressive pace, and though it’s essentially just a collection of action, it’s what keeps readers intrigued, even if logic and clarity tend to slip in the later sequences.

This story reviews the tale of the “Garde” which is the name of the people of an extinct planet known as Lorien. It follows a member of the Garde number four, a.k.a. John Smith, and his caretaker Henri. They are on the run from the alien race Mogadorians who destroyed their planet.

There are nine members of the Garde and they are children of leaders of their planet who have fallen. The first three have been eliminated and that leaves six more.

These children are the last of their kind and are being hunted. They are all scattered on earth hiding and trying to fit in and continuing to survive despite being in an unknown environment.

The Mogadorians have killed number three and now number four is their prime target. John and Henri have fled Florida and find themselves in the small town of Paradise, Ohio.

Little did they know, this small town would unveil an endless sea of secrets and answers.

Number four finds himself dealing with the “typical life” of a high schooler; Dealing with bullies like Mark James, friends like Sam, and girl drama with Sarah Hart. He even finds himself taking in a dog named Bernie Kosar. John thinks he can have it all, but he finds out that’s just not the case.

John finally gains a friend and a girlfriend and isn’t ready to run. He wants to fight. He finds himself with an unlikely ally. Luckily, he has newly developed alien powers to help him in his heroic effort to save his kind.

He finds himself fighting the Mogadorians at his local high school, and just when he thinks they have him cornered he discovers Number Six, a girl a few years older than him, has tracked him down in order for them to fight their enemies together.

Henri and Mark also arrive at the school and together, the five battle the evil horde that has surrounded them.

In the end, Henri is killed, but the Mogadorians are temporarily defeated. John and Number Six gather their belongings and leave Ohio, along with Sam. John promises Sarah that he will one day return for her.

Keep up with the rest of the Garde by checking out this book and reading all of the fantastic sequels.

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