Warriors Defeat Huskies In Upset Against PSAC LeadersThree Warriors Scored In Double Figures In Home Victory

Photo Credit/ Sarah Principe Junior guard Jordan Hertz brings the ball up the court during a Warriors possession versus the Huskies in a convincing double-digit victory.

Helen Bradley

Staff Writer

Despite a 10-14 (7-10) record, the ESU Women’s basketball team defeated the Bloomsburg Huskies 72-48 on Thursday Feb. 21.

The Huskies came into the game leading the PSAC East conference with a 17-9 (12-6) record. However, the Warriors didn’t let the statistics determine the outcome of the game.

The game started with sophomore forward Kaitlyn Swint putting ESU on the scoreboard within the first five seconds. However, Bloomsburg responded instantly, scoring with their first shot attempt.

Guards sophomore Abby Schoffstall and junior Tiffany Lapotsky decided quickly that the game was theirs.

Schoffstall netted the first 3-pointer and scoring another a few minutes later while Lapotsky scored shot two herself.

Junior guard Jordan Hertz also contributed largely with a career-high of 12 assists in the contest.

With the three guards leading the way, the Warriors were dynamic on offense. However, defense is what won them the game.

The whole team played relentless defense, diving to save balls and get rebounds whilst putting all they had into guarding in pairs so that the Huskies had no space to move.

Junior forward Dominique Rayam created many outstanding defensive plays. Bloomsburg tried to make something out of the opportunities they did have, but could not score.  

Sophomore forward Marlene Bassett returned after being out injured the past few games, and ended the scoring with under a minute to play allowing ESU to take a 24-10 lead.

The second quarter started with both teams struggling to get on the scoreboard. ESU worked hard on defence causing 

Bloomsburg to foul more often and get the ball back before the Huskies even had a chance to shoot. Lapotsky shot another 3 before the ESU offense slowed down a little bit.

Bloomsburg recognized this and began a slow attempt to come back. The Huskies showed why they were ranked first in the conference, outshooting the Warriors this quarter and minimizing the score to 31-26 by halftime.

The Warriors looked tired as they entered the third quarter, allowing Bloomsburg many easy scoring opportunities. By the 7:38 mark, Bloomsburg tied the score 33-33.

A Warriors timeout gave them the wake up they needed, and the girls came out fired up.  

A fast-break layup from Lapotsky gave the Warriors a 42-35 lead. 

Senior guard Noelle Powell scored two consecutive 3-pointers. The girls found themselves leading 49-39 at quarter’s end. 

The ESU girls didn’t let anything in the fourth quarter stop them from getting the win, coming out strong after the break.

An early court violation from Bloomsburg gave ESU the ball and another solid scoring opportunity.

At the 4:15 mark, the Warriors had a beautiful play, displaying patience as they quickly moved the ball around to create space for an attack before Powell secured the two points right in the shot clock buzzer.

With 2:15 to go on the clock, Hertz had a great interception, putting the power back into ESU’s hands.

Bloomsburg tried to fight back but Lapotsky and Schoffstall both added to the scoreboard before sophomore Amanda Pike, entered the game and closed out the scoring with a 3-pointer.

Finishing the game 72-48, the girls claimed a big team win.

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