How do I break up with my boyfriend? 

– Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,  

Break ups can be messy; however, if you approach them in the right manner things can go a bit smoothly.

I will assume that you have not spoken to your boyfriend about any concerns that you have. 

If this is the case, I advise to do that first. 

You should gather any and all concerns that you have so that you yourself are prepared when discussing the matter.  

How do you approach the matter? 

Well, I would say that it is best to consider your boyfriend’s state (physical, mental, and emotional).

In other words, you will not want to walk up to your boyfriend and say, “I think we should break up.” 

Doing such a thing will only build confusion and possibly even anger. 

Instead, you will want to be certain that your boyfriend is in the right state of mind to discuss such a strong subject.  

Once you have done that, you will want to mention any and all your concerns. 

Make that you clarify what is bothering you in the relationship, why you think a break-up is needed and what the two of you should do after the break-up.  

Aside from voicing your thoughts and feelings, it is important that you allow him to do the same. 

Perhaps you may be experiencing negativity; however, it is essential to allow him an equal opportunity to voice his thoughts and feelings.  

Also, I advise you to listen to what he has to say. 

Listening is yet another important part when discussing serious matters, especially a potential break-up.  

Hopefully everything goes well.  

I am graduating this semester, and I do not have an internship or a job. I am scared, so what should I do? 

– Spring  

Dear Spring,  

Graduating from college can be terrifying. 

Not having a solid plan after graduation is also common. 

Thus, you should know that you are not the only one who is scared.  

The first thing you should do is remind yourself of those two things. 

I know that sound ridiculous, but it will help. 

Just knowing that we are not alone can ease the situation a bit, or at least the way we think and feel about it.  

I advise you to research job careers that you are interested in. 

The career in which you choose is your choice – you know what you do best and what you will enjoy. 

Note down all of the areas that you find and afterwards try to search for potential openings in your living area. 

For instance, keep a look out for events that offer job openings.  

Also, ask your advisor and your peers for any potential job openings.  

One piece of advice I must say is this, do not be hesitate to give your resume out to random businnesses and especially do not hesitate to set up an interview. 

Having said that, always have your resume ready. Whenever you are not employeed, try to build your resume. You do not know what will come about. 

Overall, just keep searching and don’t lose hope.