Courier Staff Shares Experience from College Media Conference

Photo Credit/ Charlese Freeman
Left to Right: Angela Pender, Charlese Freeman, Billy Trice, Yaasmeen Piper at the College Media Conference in New York City.

Billy Trice

Sports Editor

“The connections and insight that I gain from attending the conference was like no other opportunity that I have ever come across. Not only was the conference informative, but it was also very motivating as well. 

One of the many connections I made on our trip, lead to me guest starring on a student radio show all the way in Rhode Island. 

Without the great opportunity to attend the conference, I would not have had that opportunity to connect with that student. Lastly, the conference also allowed me to get to know the other writers and editors on the Stroud Courier on more of a personal level. 

For example, I now have a deeper respect and care for Yaasmeen, Angela, and Charlese due to the connections and conversations we had throughout our trip. 

I had a wonderful time and hope that the Stroud Courier receives many more opportunities to learn and grow like this again.”    

 Charlese Freeman

Student Life Editor

“This conference for me was very eye opening. One of the most important and useful aspects of the conference for me was learning to how manage the stress as young journalist.” 

Angela Piper

Staff Writer

It was amazing and very educational. During the conference, I learned how to become a better journalist, writer, and how to succeed in the media world. I learned that it takes more than just good writing skills to succeed, but it takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and motivation in order to prosper and create a name for yourself. 

The speakers taught me how to brand myself by including strategy tips on how to leave a positive impression on a potential employer, and sample resumes that stand out to employers. I am so grateful for this experience and I truly appreciate the editor in chief, Yaasmeen Piper, for inviting me. I am a graduating senior, and I would not have known about this conference if it was not for her.

Yaasmeen Piper


This is my third year attending the CMA conference, and each year I am reminded how important being a journalist is. The conference taught me many things that I can use in and outside the Stroud Courier office. I got to meet some amazing writing professionals and even got a chance to see the behind the scenes production of “Strahan and Sara.” However, my favorite thing was connecting with other student journalists. This year is truly the year of student journalism.