Driving Safely Matters

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Everyone and anyone with a valid driver's license has the right to be in the driver's seat.

Edita Bardhi 

Opinion Editor 

When getting into a car, how often do you consider the possibility of a car accident?

Not often, right?

Car accidents of any sort occur daily; yet, it is not until we have experienced a car accident or learned that those we love, and care for have been in an [car] accident that we become aware.

It shouldn’t be that way.

Instead, people should be more cautious while in a car, whether they are the driver or the passenger.

And yes, passengers can still play a part in driving. Two of the most common ways to be a helpful passenger include being a second pair of eyes and lending a helping hand.

Sometimes, you may even be a [better] driver than the actual driver by noticing things that he or she might not.

Personally, I have always enjoyed going on car rides and sightseeing; however, I always felt like it was my job to be that second pair of eyes and a helping hand as a passenger.

Often, I would remind the driver that the green light has turned on or that there are pedestrians nearby.

I would also notice the driver attempting to complete a task (setting up the GPS, changing the car temperature, putting music on/off, placing the phone to charge, etc.) and offer to take over.

Each time I observe the road or offer a helping hand I feel better for it.

I feel better, (not only because I feel safer) because I have helped the driver in some way. Their sigh of relief is a clear sign that I helped.

It is one less thing for him or her to worry about while on the road.

Although passengers can be of help, it should not be their main responsibility.

It should be the driver’s. How so?

Primarily, drivers are in full control of the car.

Their seat has all the mechanical parts such as the wheel and the breaks.

The passenger’s seat does not.

One quote that never escapes my mind is, “The moment you get in a car, you are risking your life and the lives of those around you.”

Surely everyone has heard that quote or a similar one. Whichever it is, the quote is certainly accurate.

Fortunately, I have never encountered a car accident; however, I have gone on car rides with bad drivers.

None of these drivers really concentrated on the road and I know that to be true.

How so?

That answer is quite obvious when you experience something firsthand.

Once, I took a ride to a friend’s house and this friend lived on two steep, curved hills.

My driver at the time did not take this into consideration and instead drove up the hills with force.

Not the smartest decision ever made.

The moment we arrived and he parked the car, my friend had to walk me out of the vehicle.

I experienced a dizzy state and I barely had any balance.

After that scenario, I was afraid to be in the car with him for a while.

Another time, I ended a hang out and prepared for bed only to find out that my [other] friend got in an accident.

And,  it was not his fault.

Some other driver decided to cut him off on the highway and their cars bumped into each other.

A hit and run. Thankfully, nothing happened to my friend, but it definitely cost him his car.

These two situations are good examples of what could happen on the road.

One occurred with a known driver whereas the other happened with a random driver.

Drivers can do some crazy things, but if we drive safely and stay alert on the road it could make a difference.

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