It’s near the end of the school year and I have been cleaning the suite since I first moved in.

How do I tell my roommate that I mind always being the one to clean?

– Maid

Dear Maid, 

Living with any type of roommate can be stressful and living with a messy one can be even more stressful. Unnecessary stress. 

If you do not like cleaning up the suite and I assume cleaning up after your roommate too, I would advise you to act, in some way. 

First, you could do the obvious and confront your roommate about your concerns. 

Let her know that you do not appreciate having to clean the suite consistently. Make sure to clarify that you would like for her to contribute to the cleaning. 

Second, you could ‘teach her a lesson.’ 

In other words, don’t clean up after her. 

Only clean up after yourself. 

This will show her that if she wants her environment clean, then she must do the work.

This is a bit harsh; however, there is a reason behind it. 

The reason is this:

Normally, when we put up with someone’s attitude or behavior, he or she continues. 

In this case, if you continue to clean up the suite she will continue not to clean. 

You not only give her the message that whatever she is doing is okay (not cleaning), but she will know that she will get away with it (you will clean, eventually).

Third, you could create a set of rules for each of you. Perhaps she could clean the suite while you do something else. 

This way, the two of you are splitting up the responsibilities in the suite. 

Overall, the important thing is that you act. If you do not act, then you will continue to feel the same way as you do now. 

My professor has been rude to me this semester. 

She cuts me off and finishes my sentences whenever I go to her office hours.

What should I do?

– Annoyed Student

Dear Annoyed Student, 

A professor should not be treating her students in such a way. 

Having said that, I would advise you to attend her office hours, but not for school-related reasons. 

Instead, attend her office hours to discuss how she has been treating you, how it makes you feel and how you would prefer to be treated. 

Sounds like a lot, but it’s worth it. 

You may come across as being rude yourself, but there are times where us students must speak up to the professors and tell them what they are doing is wrong. 

They are ‘failing,’ not us. 

Adding on to that, just because your professor is ‘your professor,’ does not mean that everything she says and does is acceptable. 

You have a right to speak up and tell her that what she is doing is wrong. 

At the end of the day, you must think about yourself.

Annoyed Student, you should remember this – professors are human beings just like us students. 

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