We Asked Students’ ‘Who’s Your Favorite Music Artist’

“I really like Khalid, Ariana Grande right now. I think she’s really good lately. I also like Pink Floyd. With Khalid, I think  he has an indie-vibe and his lyrics are really meaningful.” 

Shauna Charlton, Student

“Ariana Grande music is so independent. She talks about being independent, living your life and screw men. I think it’s different. I also love Billie Eilish. I feel like for someone so young she touches on topics that alot of artist don’t talk about, and I like that.” 

Kacie Hughes, Student

“From Ashes to New is curretly my favorite artist. Their style of music is unique. They mix metal and rap in one genre. They have songs like My Name ,Crazy and a whole lot of other songs.”

Ryan Gonzalez, Student

“I don’t have a current favoriet artist, but I bop to Solange, Gus Dapperton, Peach Pit, Doja Cat and Beyonce. These are my favorite artist for my different moods.” 

Yaasmeen Piper, Student

“I like Drake because he’s relatable and his songs are very catchy. Its made him alot of money. However, everyday DBaby is always on my mind.”

Billy Trice, Student