Freshman Musician Gains Recognition

Photo Courtesy / Christopher Dela Cruz
Christopher Dela Cruz plays for WESS and has musci available on Apple Music, Spotify and Google Play.

Maliyah Jones

Staff Writer

Following his high school graduation, freshman Christopher Dela Cruz struggled to pinpoint a myriad of emotions. 

At such a transitional point in his life, with life-long friends soon leaving for college and having to become an adult and take on the world, he turned to piecing together his thoughts the best way he knew how – through music. 

Months later from that warm evening in June, those emotions would be cultivated into his debut album, “Siblings & the Bigger Threats.”

Dela Cruz says he started his creative process by writing “New Love,” stating that he “knew [he] wanted it to be the introduction to a very personal album.” 

Taking about three months to write and another five to produce and perfect, “Siblings & the Bigger Threats” is meant to tell a story – one that is both ominous and optimistic of the now and what is to come and is a narrative of the emotional transitional period Dela Cruz endured. 

Similarly, the cover art focuses on this story. The faces are a representation of the siblings – each eye is open, looking at you and the bigger threats. 

He chuckles, saying that this was intentional and its’ purpose is to “mimic holding the siblings in the palms of [your] hands, with the bigger threats surrounding [you].”

Having been surrounded by music growing up, Dela Cruz took to creating an album naturally, recalling that music had been there for him throughout his life. 

He reflects that at age four, his mother took him to preschool music classes while in New York and his unconditional love for music continued to grow from that age on. 

Inspired by artists with wildly diverse discographies, such as The Beatles, Dela Cruz focuses on a more Indie/Alternative sound for “Siblings & the Bigger Threats.” 

Like his favorite band, he collaborated with several friends to give the album a unique sound. 

Photo Credit / Maliyah Jones
Dela Cruz writes his original music and his “Siblings & the Bigger Threats” albums has more than 2,000 streams.

Dela Cruz had previously joined forces with his friends from high school to form two bands who gained local recognition from playing in events like school talent shows, West End Relay for Life, and showcases at the Sherman Theater. 

Band members Brian Kagel, Nicholas Colombo, and Andrew McDermott lent their musical talents to several tracks on the album through backup guitar, keyboard, and drums, respectively. 

Dela Cruz also drums and plays guitar in addition to his soulful vocals. 

Released on March 2, “Siblings & the Bigger Threats” has already surpassed 2,000 streams in a little over three weeks. 

Dela Cruz humbly expresses that the most exciting aspect of his experience has been the positive feedback he has received. 

Smiling, Dela Cruz says those who have listened to the album have praised it on their social media accounts and he appreciates all the overwhelming love and kind words he has received from his listeners.

His next step? Enjoying his success and playing at 90.3 WESS’ Spring Jam on Friday, April 12. “Siblings & the Bigger Threats” can be streamed on Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play. 

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