Romantic Novel Showcases Life of a Deaf Musician

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Paige Moran

Staff Writer

I haven’t read many books where one of the main characters has a disability, let alone a hearing disability.

“Maybe Someday” is written by Colleen Hoover who is one of my favorite authors.

This book is about a girl named Sydney and how she falls in love with Ridge who is a songwriter for his brother’s band, who is deaf.

Sydney lives in an apartment complex, and her apartment balcony is right across the courtyard from another man’s balcony. Lately, she has been noticing a man playing his guitar from his balcony.

Her balcony is far enough that she doesn’t feel creepy watching him, but its close enough that she can hear him playing.

The man, Ridge, catches her watching him and he smiles. But then Sydney’s boyfriend walks in and kisses her. Ridge then walks off.

A few days later Ridge catches her listening to him again and this time she is tapping her foot and seems to be writing lyrics to his melodies.

Eventually, Sydney finds out her boyfriend has been cheating on her with her best friend.

Because Sydney and her now ex-boyfriend lived together, she had no place to live until she asks Ridge if she could stay at his apartment for a few days, until she gets on her feet.

Of course, he says yes to the girl who has been fascinating with him for weeks.

And he thought that maybe she could help him get over his writer’s block.

Ridge has always written the songs for his brother’s band, but he hasn’t written a song in months.

That is until Sydney comes to stay at his apartment. Together they make the most amazing songs.

As the two start to get close, Ridge’s first love comes back into his life.

He will always love her, but does he have enough room in his heart for Sydney too? And will Ridge be able to get over his fear of speaking?

Hoover writes how Sydney helps Ridge get through not only his insecurities with his hearing impairment, but with his fear and insecurity with speaking too.


I love the message that Hoover is projecting with the story she wrote.

No matter what disability you have, whether it be mental, physical, or hearing impairment, you can do anything you set your mind to.

Even though Ridge couldn’t hear, he still played his guitar and wrote songs for the band like a modern-day Beethoven, overcoming his disability and becoming a legend.

A really cool feature that Hoover adds to the book is that she had her friend Griffin Peterson, a singer and songwriter, come along and sing the songs that Ridge and Sydney wrote.

It’s amazing because Peterson sang every song in the book and sang them word for word.

Because the couple wrote songs based on their feelings for each other, and some songs based on their past, it’s amazing to hear them come to life.

Usually, people read to take a break from reality, and when an author adds outside material, the book comes to life.

It makes it much easier to escape, especially if you listen to the songs as you read the book.

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