Students Discuss Healthy Body Images and Positivity

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Students discuss healthy ways to view the body image, promote positivity and ways to love the body.

Amanda Berry

Staff Writer

Body positivity, a phrase that has surfaced within the last few years, but what does it truly mean? Kevin Gelock held an open discussion with students last Wednesday about body positivity and ways promote body positivity.  

“It’s accepting and loving yourself in every way you can,” said Marti Goodfellow about her feelings body positivity was. 

While Gelock lead the discussion with questions, it was mainly between the students to interpret what they felt it was and why it has become a thing.  

Growing up, we are bombarded with images on t.v, in movies, and now on social media of what society declares “beautiful” and the “best” standard for how people should look. 

As kids we play with dolls or action figures that have slim waists or a buff chest, but are still “thin”. Growing up we see beautifully thin or muscular, tall models with exaggerated features. 

Its “having a certain body type and having one thing that makes it impossible to have the other thing” said Gelock.  

The discussion touched on topics of media, and how it affects how we see ourselves and only shows us the “easy” way to fit this mold, instead of preaching that we should love ourselves with how we are. 

But, body positivity isn’t always easy to obtain. Nobody can just become happy and comfortable with themselves overnight, and that is okay.  

Body positivity takes time, but it is something people should practice, especially college students who already have enough things to worry about. “The standards other people set for us do not need to be the standards we set for ourselves, as long as you feel good about it (yourself),” said Gelock.

 It takes time, and it won’t always be a smooth journey. 

There will be it’s ups and downs, but the best way to start is to surround yourself with people who promote the things you want to see.  

Unfollow all those social media influencers who promote quick fad diets and follow people who promote loving yourself and eating healthy. Don’t follow people who are thin or buff just because you want to look that way.

 Everyone is different and every body is different and we have to learn to love and accepts ourselves as we are.  

There is not one solid or right definition for what body positivity is, its different for each person. 

What remains the same is the idea of learning to love yourself as you are, and being happy and comfortable in your own skin. 

It may not happen overnight, and it may not always be easy, but know that you can make it through this journey by working at it and building up a support group. 

“Make sure you’re not sacrificing who you are to obtain it”, said Gelock as the discussion closed. 

Remember that you are important and wonderful just as you are, and keep on that journey you’re on because it will all be worth it in the end. 

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