I’m Tired of Crappy Wi-Fi

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Students are found stressed after learning the Wi-Fi is disconnected.

Edita Bardhi 

Opinion Editor

How many of us own a technical device?

Perhaps every person has ownership of some sort of technical device, but for the sake of this article, I will focus on three specific devices: laptops, tablets, and cellphones.

These three devices will typically be seen in the hands of all college students, faculty members, professors, and others.

Yet, not all of them are successful when using the Wi-Fi and why is that?

Universities, particularly East Stroudsburg University, have poor Wi-Fi signal.

The reason for this, I am uncertain of; however, I do know that many students are unhappy with it.

Yes, I am one of those students.

As the owner of a laptop and a cellphone, I have the privilege to use them as I earn my college degree.

I am grateful for this considering that, without either of the two, the college would be quite difficult.

Despite my gratitude, I still experience numerous moments where I would work on my school assignments and the Wi-Fi suddenly disconnects. Normally, this would occur in certain areas on campus.

The most common areas include the second floor of the University Center (particularly the quiet area and the offices at the end of the floor), the computer lab on the second floor of Stroud Hall.

Two specific moments come to mind. Surprisingly enough, they occurred at the same place.

I was working on the newspaper and received a phone call from another individual. The first time, my phone disconnected the moment I answered the call. The second time, it disconnected once I moved away from the desk.

If they weren’t business calls I wouldn’t have been as frustrated, but they were.

So, something as simple as the Wi-Fi or phone reception can and will impact students and ESU should consider making improvements.

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