SAA, Recreational Management Organized Save the Bees Themed Earth Day Event

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Students were able to talk to a real Beekeeper, make homemade ice cream and learn about raw bee honey.

Shavonne McLamb

Staff Writer

Student Activities Association and Recreation Management hosted their annual Earth Day celebration, on Thursday, April 18. 

Dr. Saide’s recreation and special events class made this event their class project. 

ESU students, Gavin Deyoung, Taylor Mervine, Susie Chamberlain, Brian Schaumberg, and Kyle MacKay worked hard to organize event. 

Students explained why the class choose Earth Day as their event.  

“There are two concentrations; commercial and outdoor recreation. They were all recreation majors and that is why they were chosen,” said Kyle MacKay. 

The fair was located on the Shawnee Quad. There were multiple clubs involved in this year’s events. 

The clubs included: chemistry club, marine science club, college democrats, commuter’s council, go green committee, health and wellness, CAB, and a representative from Stony Acres. 

This year’s theme was about bees. As students walked through the quad, they saw posters from the various clubs on the importance of bees and how the environment affects them. 

To draw in the crowd, clubs had honey sticks, candy, potted plants, and henna tattoos. 

The biggest draws of the afternoon were for the potted plants and ice cream.  

The chemistry club made homemade ice cream from heavy cream, half & half, flavoring (strawberry, chocolate, or vanilla), and liquid nitrogen. 

Students stood in line to see the two members of the club pour liquid nitrogen into a mixing bowl of various ingredients.  

One their trivia poster questions about bees and honey, President Gavin Nelson and Victoria Clark explained the significance between ice cream and nitrogen.  

Air is made up of 75 percent nitrogen and flowers need nitrates. 

The components of honey are 31 percent glucose, 38 percent fructose, 17.1 percent water, 7.2 percent Maltose, 4.2 percent higher carbohydrates, 1.5 percent sucrose and the rest are vitamins, minerals and enzymes.  

The college democrats club had a spinning wheel trivia game, lollipops and information sheets on how to be an educated voter in the upcoming elections next year.  

To entertain the students, the featured a live DJ. Also, there was live music by ESU student, Chris De La Cruz as their musical guest. 

 A bee specialist was able to speak with students about bee keeping and provide a sample of honey for them to try at his booth.  

Kyle Mackay said ESU could improve Earth Day events by providing more funds. 

Having more funding can help with giveaways, prizes and student participation. Mackay also gave ideas on how ESU can improve the environment. 

 “By having a recycling center, student organized clean up, animal resistant waste containers, and picking up the program Mow, don’t grow. This can create patches of flowers around campus,” said Mackay. 

Students and faculty enjoyed this year’s Earth day celebration. With posters and flowers, the colorful event the fair attracted a crowd of student and staff. Participants were happy with the success of the event.  

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