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Julia Spanburgh

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As the season is changing from winter to spring many of us face the confusion of what to wear. 

When the mornings are cold to then the afternoons are hot, we don’t know if we should bring that jacket or not. 

Most of us get excited that the winter blues are slowly starting to faded and we start seeing the trees start to bud green and flowers start to peak out from the ground all around campus. 

It is always a struggle to see what clothes we should keep or take home before the spring semester ends.  

Will we need all of our sweaters and sweatshirts? Should we be bringing back up some sandals, shorts and tank tops? 

Here are few inspiring options from fellow students around campus that make the difficulties of the changing seasons work in a stylish way.  

Around campus the trend I noticed the most was denim. 

A denim dress or jacket is an easy way to add another element to your outfit also while adding another layer of warmth for those cold mornings or overcast afternoons. 

Also off the shoulder blouses and bell sleeves have been popular during the fall season because they offer light-weight and comfortable tops that blow in the wind.

Jalen Rhodes

Paired with black knee high boots we have freshman, Jalen Rhodes in a mini button up chambray dress. 

Chambray looks very similar to denim but is a much lighter material. 

The black knee high boots go great with the dress because it adds an element of warmth but also a more edgy vibe to the look.

Edward Ellis

Senior, Edward Ellis styled camouflage cargo shorts with a black long sleeve that was detailed with a flamed motorsport logo. Ellis tied the outfit together with a pair of white Dr. Martins and a black belt.

Denasia Mosteller

Junior, Denasia Mosteller brightened Monroe hall in her periwinkle mid length jumpsuit detailed with white flowers. 

To be prepared for the spring weather she throws on a light colored denim jacket. She paired this look with a pair of brown sandals and a pair of circle sunglasses. 

Michael Russo

Junior Michael Russo was preparing for the days overcast in a light pink button up that was a thicker material then an average button up. 

For an extra layer, Russo layered a black T-shirt underneath. He wore light denim jeans and then black loafers to tie in with his black undershirt.

Sophomore, Kylie Kuhn prepared for the springtime weather with Tommy Hilfiger slides and ripped jeans on her bottom half. 

On the top, she wore a white V neck t-shirt and cream, red and navy blue flannel. Kylie had on a silver nameplate necklace that you could spot from across the quad.

Josh Kula

Sophomore, Josh Kula walked up with union steps in his robin’s egg blue colored shorts and paired it with a contrasting maroon sweatshirt. 

His white van slide on sneakers helped put a neutral tone with this outfit. 

The morning coffee really pulled the look together.

Whether it be jeans, skirts or a basic sweatshirt, spring is here, so pull out whatever spring gear best suits your style.

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