Health, Wellness Center Relocates to Sycamore Suites

Photo Credit/ Edita Bardhi According to Freeman, the relocation to Sycamore Suites gives OASIS and CAPS a more modern look and feel.

Edita Bardhi 

Opinion Editor 

The Health and Wellness Center at East Stroudsburg University moved to a new location this fall semester. Originally located in Flagler-Metzgar building on Isabelle Street, the center is now located at the ground floor of Sycamore Suites, on 304 Normal Street.

Reasons for the location change includes easy access to services. The director of Health and Wellness Center, Amy Freeman, discussed how the new location will limit the number of places students would need to maneuver.

“Hopefully students will feel like it is easier to go everywhere,” said Freeman.

Currently, the center does not have any visible indication of its existence other than a white billboard sign, stating, “OASIS, CAPS and Wellness Education and Protection.” Even so, students can follow the long stairway leading up to the clear, double doors.

The words on the sign are written in purple ink.

At the entrance, students are welcomed with blue and white interior, modern décor and bright lighting.

As for the workers, the new location allows the staff to work closely together. Freeman discussed how that may help them catch student needs that they may have missed in the past.

“In the beginning, when there is any new space open, there are always ‘trying to work out the bugs.’ [Things like,] where are we going to locate the copiers? Who is going to greet the students?” said Freeman.

So far, the Health and Wellness Center has numerous services and small additions; yet, there is more to come. Things such as equipment for the Mind and Body Lab and parts for the Student Work Area will be featured in the upcoming weeks.

In the Health and Wellness Center, ESU’s Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) along with Office Accessible Services Individualized for Students (OASIS) can be found. Other services include the Wellness Education and Protection, the Leigh Valley Hospital [ESU] management, peer educators and case managers for students.

Aside from these services, all the therapy dog sessions will occur at the ground floor of Sycamore Suites. The group room particularly will be used for the sessions.

CAPS is located at the beginning of the center and further down the hallway is OASIS. Each one has its own waiting room, the first located on the right and the second on the left.

The CAPS secretary desk is shaped much like a circulation desk. Here, items such as a bowl of candy, a basket of goods, brochures, motivational cards, and hand sanitizer are neatly placed. 

A ring bell is also placed with a note stating, “Please Ring Bell for Assistance. Thank You.”

Despite these major changes, the previous CAPS building, Flagler-Metzgar, does not have a department; the building is left vacant until further notice.

“I think the location is more modern. It is a nice space to be in. It is newer. It matches some of the other locations as far as having better technology, having more space for students to spread out. I think just by the sheer looks of the space it is a more attractive place to be in,” said Freeman.

“It is beautiful. I hope the students love it and can find it,” said Amanda Browne, CAPS secretary.  

For students who are interested in learning more about the center or need assistance, an Open House will occur on Oct. 5 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.  

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