What Happened To Spider-Man?

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Superhero “Spider-Man” excited all fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe when he was locked down to appear in the movie “Captain America: Civil War.”

From there on, the character of Spider-man, played by actor Tom Holland, became a favourite and prominent feature in the Marvel Universe.

Sony, the original owner of all copyright business to do with Spider-Man, had made a deal with the owner of the MCU, Disney that allowed Spider-Man to become part of their universe.

According to CNBC’s article, Sony has big plans for Spider-Man cinematic universe, but a key hero is unavailable: Spidey, Sony struck up this 5-movie deal with Disney in 2015.

The popularity of not just recent, but former Spider-Man movies skyrocketed, and Spider-Man has now become one of the most popular superheroes in the business.

With the Spider-Man movie Homecoming grossing $880 million worldwide in 2017, this deal between the two companies didn’t ruin either of their profits, and both were making money with the deal they had set in place.

Since this deal, Disney has done some questionable things that have to do with copyright laws, even though they did not fully own the rights of the movie, to begin with (Renegade Cut).

One of these issues included refusing to let a family put a photo of Spider-Man on their deceased son’s tombstone (inside the magic).

According to Renegade Cut, The details of this deal between Sony and Disney were reportedly kept under lock and key, but rumors have surfaced that Disney had made 5 percent of the movies first day’s revenue.

Other rumored reports show that both made close to an equal profit of these movies and merchandise sales, but neither companies have fully disclosed these details.

After this 5-movie contract deal was up, Sony and Disney tried to work together on another movie deal, which included Disney requesting more profit on the solo movies that Spider-Man is given.

Unfortunately, in August of 2019, Disney and Sony both disclosed that they were not able to agree on a deal, and at the D23 Disney Expo, Disney stated that Spider-Man was no longer going to be apart of the MCU.

Many mixed views and opinions surfaced on the matter, some believing that now, the Spider-Man movies were now doomed, and others stating that they believed Disney was being too greedy in the situation.

After posting a poll on Twitter, with most of the follows being between the ages of 16-25, 64 percent of people said they believed that Sony was right to pull from the deal, while 34 percent of people sided with Disney.

Many of the people that are siding with Disney in this situation are concerned that the quality of Spider-Man movies with flounder, but others state that the quality of the movies wasn’t because of Disney, but because of the time, they took to make the movies.

So if Spider-Man isn’t going to be in the MCU movies anymore, what happens next?

Many people question as to where Spider-Man is going next, and rumors have surfaced that he will be included in the Venom universe, but none of these rumors have been confirmed.

Actor Tom Holland made a public statement after the fall of the deal, saying that he will continue to play the character of Spider-Man, and he has no plans in the future to stop.

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