Five Interesting Places to Explore Off-Campus

Photo Credit/ Helen Bradley Cafeé Duet is a nice space that offers quality coffee and cozy space.

Helen Bradley

Contributing Writer

For many freshmen, East Stroudsburg seems to be nothing much more than a small town. 

However, situated in the heart of the Poconos, East Stroudsburg and the surrounding areas offers a lot more to explore than one realizes. Here are 5 things students can do!

1.) Café Duet 

Pretty much everyone has heard or been to Trackside, Sarah Street Grill and all those classic restaurants around ESU. 

However, not many people know about or try some of the great local cafes that are in the area. 

Just off Main Street, by the town hall, tucked into a small building is Café Duet. Channeling the aesthetically-pleasing rustic vibes, Café Duet is the perfect place for a cute study session either by yourself or with a friend.

They offer both food and drinks with many vegan and vegetarian options. 

While everything is a little pricey for the average college student budget (a large cappuccino is $6.35 while most of the food is $9 or more), their quality and taste are definitely worth it.

During the warmer months, a small courtyard garden, decorated with fairy lights and vintage furniture, is open for outside dining. 

Café Duet is definitely a must-visit and is open usually 8 am-5 pm.

2.) Monroe Farmers Market 

Every Saturday, rain or shine, 8 am-12 pm, Monroe Farmers Market sets up at Courthouse square, just off Main Street.

This market is small but sweet and great for an early morning wander. Most of the stands mainly offer fresh vegetables and fruit at an affordable price. 

Other stalls include flowers, honey, pickles, coffee, ice-cream, artwork, and aromatherapy.

There are also multiple busking stations; a great opportunity to perform in front of the public for any students with a passion for music! 

Every stall accepts credit card payments along with cash so it is accessible and easy for everyone. 

The market is always a nice switch-up from the usual Walmart and Aldi grocery trips and is also a great way to support local businesses! 

3.) Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area 

The most amazing part about the Poconos is an incredible nature that surrounds us. Located just across the border, about a 10-minute drive from campus is the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. The 70,000-acre park provides lots of different activities for every time of year.

The most common activity partaken by ESU students is hiking with Mt. Tammany being probably the most well-known hiking trail. 

Park at Dunfield Creek Natural Area Trailhead and take the first trailhead (Red Dot Trail) on your right as you enter the parking lot. 

The hike is 1.2miles one-way and, depending on your ability, can take anywhere from 30minutes to an hour. 

There are multiple viewpoints along the way, allowing you to take in the picturesque landscape of the Delaware Water Gap. This hike is perfect to briefly escape the bustle of college and find some serenity nearby.

Photo Credit/ Helen Bradley
Delaware Water Park National Recreation Area is a beautiful sight of nature.

4.) Dansbury Park 

If you’re looking for somewhere to get outdoors and hang with friends but not necessarily do anything strenuous, Dansbury Park is the place to go. 

While only small and basic, Dansbury Park offers basketball courts, tennis courts, a swimming pool during summer months, and outdoor playing space to the public. 

The park is also a great place to finish a run or even go for a walk around. 

Over the year there are various festivals held at Dansbury Park, such as the July 4 festival. 

Located next to the river that runs by Walmart, Dansbury Park also offers a serene spot to sit in solitude or watch the sunset. 

From campus, if you head towards Walmart, take a right down North Courtland Street until you reach Little Caesars and then head straight down that little side road next to Little Caesars, you will reach the park.  

5.) Crossing Premiums Outlets 

The Crossings is an approximately 20-30 minute drive from campus, depending on the traffic. 

While this drive may seem far for some, the Crossings is the best mall we have in the area. With over 70 different stores, such as Nike, Under Armor, American Eagle, Levis, Bath, and Body Works, there is something for everyone being outlets, most stores have sales on regularly making it always a great opportunity to go shopping!

For students that don’t have a car on campus, the Crossings is still accessible with the Blue Route Pocono Pony, at only the cost of $1, going to and from the outlets. 

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