University Allows Extended Visitation Hours

Photo Credit/ Charlese Freeman Residential Services changed the visitation hours from strictly weekends to weekly visits.

Lynne McGee

Contributing Writer

As the new school year sets in, so does a new set of ESU rules and policies. 

This year students no longer worry about guests over-staying their welcome. ESU Residential and Dining Services have implemented a new policy allowing students to have guests 18 years of age with an ID to spend a max of three nights even during the week. 

This change comes after the decision to change the dormitory desk staff to 24/7 instead of just on weekends. 

This allows the resident halls more surveillance, especially now that students can have guests during the week.  

ESU student Matthew Manning, an on-campus resident, said the extended visitation hours may help students feel more comfortable getting adjusted to living on campus.  

“I like the idea of visitors during the week, especially on a bad day. Seeing a familiar face can brighten your day,” he said, “but how are the visitors being monitored? Especially during the week, some of us are up late and even alone, how does having someone’s random visitor walking the halls make you feel safe.” 

Even with the new visitation changes, the same rules apply when it comes to guests being a student’s responsibility.  

With some students having concerns about the policy change, how will it be monitored to keep students safe?

Cassidy Clark, Head RA in Laurel Hall explained how each desk computer is receiving a new program to help monitor the days in which visitors enter and exit. 

“We’ve updated our previously used program for visitors to further keep track of visitors,” she said. “Additionally, our desk receptionists have been trained to manage this new system and help conduct an efficient way to allow guests for three nights.” 

The old policy had desk receptionists scan the guest pass every time a guest re-entered the building, not when leaving. 

The new visitor system provides visitors a pass which is scanned as soon as they get it by a desk receptionist, as well as when the guest leaves so staff can ensure that guests are not staying past the three-day limit.

If the guest does not bring back their visitors pass by the end of the three days, the student may receive consequences. 

Amberly Blashock, a desk receptionist in [Linden Hall] said she believes the policy is not the safest.  

 “It’s the beginning of the semester and everyone, even the desk staff are learning the rules,” she said. “It needs time to process and for everyone to understand and get used to it, but I’m also not uncomfortable about it.” 

The new policy is just starting to come into effect as it is only the second weekend in the school semester.

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