Facebook Launches New Dating Feature for Users

Photo Credit/ Charlese Freeman Facebook app allows users to connect with friends and find new romantic relationships all in one.

Daniela Montiel

Contributing Writer

Facebook has a dating app! An unexpected turn of events. From a regular social media outlet to easy communication with people outside the country, and now dating. This company has evolved plenty and has a very big audience which consists mostly of people out of college.

This dating app allows Facebook members to link up with people who have shared interests. Facebook is known for supplying its users with liked items on their feed, and now they can supply users with their dream partner. 

According to The Verge, Facebook test ran the app in Colombia. It allows users to keep their Facebook and dating profile separated, but has a “secret crush” feature that allows you to anonymously “like” a Facebook friend.  

This app focuses less on hookups, and more on the conversation with an area to communicate with someone you were paired with, and there’s also a protection feature that allows you to share the details of the date to trusted friends, and share your location. You can never be too safe.

The app is very youthful. It has pictures of younger people on the app and seems to be a market strategy to get college kids interested in Facebook, and with apps like Bumble, Hinge, and Tinder, Facebook has some major competition.

It’s possible this app is a way to salvage their reputation with the privacy court case remaining as a hot topic. Unfortunately, the app is only at 1.5 stars in the App store and seems to be glitching.

Considering the test run in Colombia was yearlong, you’d think they would have worked all the kinks, but it’s useless, app and website included.

Privacy is something crucial to many, yet app companies seem to be excluding this concept from their apps, and people have become paranoid.  

The FaceApp, that makes you look old, was said to pass along pictures of people’s faces to the Russians.  

According to Forbes, Russian police can request pictures from FaceApp, but it’s all collusion free. People truly love their conspiracies but this is one that holds no real truth. There are also options to make sure your pictures and information are destroyed and aren’t placed on the FaceApp cloud.  

Facebook is on rocky grounds with their users feeling that privacy has been violated and instead of laying low they decide to collect more information on people, so for anyone interested in this app, read the fine print. Make sure you know what you are getting into.  

This app isn’t a bad idea, but it needs more work. Trust needs to be built between Facebook and its audience.

As it stands there are better opportunities, but I wouldn’t write Facebook off just yet. Take off can be rocky, but they have the resources to become successful in the dating industry.

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