DMT Launches New Warrior TV Channel Featuring Student Events and Creations

Photo Credit and Courtesy/ Chad Coleman Students in the control room during the Hospice House Telethon.

Melissa Curran 

Contributing Writer

The university’s Digital Media Technologies Department is planning to launch a new TV station on campus, Warrior TV.  

“The main goal of Warrior TV is to facilitate student learning, showcase student work, and broadcast ESU events,” said Dr. Richard Otto, the chair of the Digital Media Technologies department.

Otto said the TV station will provide an outlet for creative TV production and allow students to practice professional skills like editing, content creation and all aspects of producing high-quality TV content.

After a few years of wanting to upgrade the TV studio, Otto explained what a new studio could so for students 

“[The university] was very generous in helping us upgrade. This upgrade takes us from an older HD camera system that had technical issues to a state of the art 4K camera system that is equal to any college station in the region. It will transform students’ abilities to create shows that inspire them,” said Otto. 

Otto said Channel 11 always existed in a closed-circuit TV network on campus but did not feature any student-created content on a continuous loop until the launch of Warrior TV.

Instructional Resource Assistants Chad Coleman, Paige Diaz, and Alexis Steber presented the idea for Warrior TV to President Welsh and Provost, Joanne Bruno.

“Programs will range from talk shows to educational specials and musical performances. Original plays and sports coverage are also something the channel is trying to put together,” said Digital Media Technologies professor Patsie Varkados.  

According to Paige Diaz, a senior Digital Media Technologies and Communications major, “The point of this channel is for everyone in different majors to come together to show off their talents.  

Digital Media Technologies students can show off their production skills, communication majors can show off their ‘on camera’ skills.  

“I just got done collaborating with chemistry students, they came into the studio to do experiments to put on the channel to show off what chemistry is all about. We are going to have videos showing what students can do around campus (clubs, events, etc). I am personally going to be doing a weekly travel segment to show students what they can do off-campus or close by,” said Otto

“We are all trying to bring the campus together and show the diversity of the ESU Warriors on this channel, “said Otto 

All majors are welcome and encouraged to become involved in Warrior TV. Warrior TV is expected to be launched the week of October 31 on channel 11.

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