The Magic Gallon?

Photo Courtesy/ Pixabay Students can usually spot out members of the of the football team because of the gallon of water in their hands.

Dylan Murphy

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When walking around campus, you may see a football player lugging around a large container of water. These gallon jugs might be one reason for the success of the Warriors today, as they currently sit at 5-1.

From the beginning of the season, the team has stressed the importance of hydration.

According to Warriors athletic trainer Jayme Galdieri, a hydrated team is a good team, and hydration is key in all athletics.

“Before and after every summer camp practices players must weigh themselves. This shows the amount of weight loss within each practice. These numbers help show us the amount of hydration needed after a practice,” Galdieri said.

Her main focus in the days leading up to gameday is to keep the Warriors healthy and ready to go for games, and hydration is one of the focal points of keeping ESU’s football team sharp.

“Drinking proper amounts of water helps flush any lactic acid from the body. A hydrated body also increases fluid around the brain. This helps lessen the chances of a concussion” explained Galdieri.

Football players burn 300 to 500 calories every hour during a practice or game according to Galdieri.

It is essential for players to refill their bodies with the proper nutrition. Senior starting safety Joshua Taylor says water is his most valuable nutrient.

“I have a gallon of water with me at all times prior to Saturday’s game. I use the gallon [container] because it gives me a good idea of how much water I am consuming. Water makes me feel good. Water gives me the amount of energy I need for the duration of the game,” said Taylor. “In order to prevent the risk of cramping, I keep hydrating.”

The risks you take while being dehydrated include heat illness and possible pulled muscles. Taylor mentioned cramping, which for any athlete, is excruciating. For football players can be even more problematic, because a cramp can prevent a player from being in the game during important situations.

Additionally, cramping can also lead to soft tissue injuries.

“These are all injuries that will keep you out for a good amount of time. These injuries can be prevented by simply hydrating” said Galdieri.  

The hydration process of the team has shown in their gameplay results.

The ESU men’s football team has jumped off to a great start currently sitting at 5-1 for the season. This has been the first time the team has been 5-1 since 2008.

With their latest win over Millersville, the Warriors have now outscored their opponents 202-67. The Warriors are now insights of being ranked for the first time since 2010. In the latest American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) poll, ESU received 13 votes.

The Warriors’ next matchup is Homecoming against Bloomsburg on Saturday, Oct. 19, 2:05 p.m. home at Eiler-Martin Stadium.

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