Campus Police Welcomes Three New Officers to ESU

Photo Courtesy / Amal Brown, Bill Moran, and A. Jackson (Left to right) Officer Amal Brown, Bill Moran and A. Jackson have joined ESU's campus police department.

Lynne McGee 

Staff Writer 

This semester, ESU added three new officers, Amal Brown, Bil Moran, and A. Jackson to the campus police department. The department wanted to find experienced officers to add extra security and increase ESU’s safety.

“I’ve been a police officer since 1993,” Brown said, “In being a police officer, I’ve worked with people of all ages which had prepared me to work on a college campus.”

Brown spoke about how she wants to be more involved with the students on campus and help encourage them.

“My son is in college; I understand how stressful it can be. I want to help students stay positive,” she said.

To get interact with students more, Brown likes to do “high-five Fridays,” where she walks around campus and high-fives students.

The second police officer ESU hired is officer Moran, who has previously worked for the Scranton Police Department for five years and was an EMT.

“I want to help more people, especially students. I don’t want to be their enemy; I want to see them succeeding,” Morgan said. “Watching them walk across the stage is the goal.”

He said how connecting with students will help them feel more comfortable around campus police.

“I want to influence the students. The fear goes away when you talk to someone,” He said.

The third police officer to join the department is Officer Jackson. Officer Jackson has been a police officer of 23 years and is also is a retired Lieutenant.

He has expressed how passionate he is about keeping the students safe as he has a daughter in college, as well.

“It has to start somewhere,” Officer Jackson said, “To even give a smile and a friendly hello makes such a big difference.”

With all the negative perceptions upon police officers, Officer Jackson wants to help build trust between students and officers.

To help make the students feel as though the police department isn’t out to get them, but to help them within their journey through college.

“We want the students to trust us to help bridge the gap, to be engaging. The students are the next generation to take over the world, and I want to help them get there any way I can.” Officer Jackson stated.

Officer Jackson said how it does not matter where the students come from, it is about helping them achieve their goals. He is dedicated to helping the students face their fears, but not alone.

A very passionate officer is willing to communicate with the students.

With the hiring of more officers upon campus, it hopes to bring a safer environment to what the students call home.

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