Stressed Out? Just Curse it Out: Studies Show Cursing is Actually Good For You

Photo Courtesy / Flickr Stress can easily be misinterpreted, resulting in anger and irritation, which cursing can help alleviate.

Adam Capotorto

Staff Writer

Think back to the last time you got hurt, or maybe the last time you got angry with someone, or even the last time you were stressed.

Did you by chance curse during these instances?

Chances are you did.

Cursing honestly just makes you feel good.

Maybe not all the time, but definitely when you’re upset.

People say that it’s not necessary to curse or that it’s inappropriate but if we’re being realistic here saying anything besides curses when you’re in a stressful situation just doesn’t feel right.

We’ve all been there, there are kids around and something unfortunate has just happened to you.

You’re about to let loose the F-bomb but stop yourself and say something PG instead.

But you just simply don’t feel any better.

Not even a little bit. You still have that feeling of unease in your gut.

Let’s say the same situation happens but this time you can really let loose.

Nine times out of ten I guarantee you that you’ll feel great.

You got the stress out of your system and you’re ready to move on.

Let’s just face the facts here.

Stress comes out as anger.

If you’re stressed you’re irritated and no one wants to be irritated.

You go on being irritated enough you’re going to take it out somehow.

Whether that be in a quick witty response to someone or just a general brash attitude, that irritation comes out and it comes out as anger.

And what words convey anger? Swears.

So when you’re too stressed it only makes sense that you curse. If you say another word instead it doesn’t hold the same meaning, thus, it doesn’t get the job done or it actually makes you even more upset.

I understand the people who don’t believe in the use of swears. I really do.

They don’t want to hear those words or they don’t want others to hear those words because of how negative and insulting they can be.

But, words are meant to be used to communicate and swears just so happen to be the best words to communicate stress and anger.

If you can’t accept that explanation then maybe this one can.

According to cursing is scientifically proven to increase pain tolerance and relieve stress.

This is because the act of cursing actually triggers your fight or flight response, thus increasing your heart rate and releasing adrenaline. Making everything seem perfectly fine.

You simply just can’t get this reaction with any other words because it has to be a genuine reaction.

If you have to censor yourself you’re not able to get those feelings of anger out and you’re just going to keep feeling stressed.

So, the next time you feel the urge to let it all out, just do it.

It’s good for you and it will make you feel better. And if anyone judges you for it they obviously have no idea what they’re missing out on.

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