‘We Asked’ Editors Edition: What’s Your Favorite Part of the Fall Season & Why?

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Natalie Irula 

Opinion Editor

“My favorite thing about the fall season is the colors. The colors are beautiful. I like the oranges and reds. I like the idea of pumpkins, but I don’t particularly enjoy the taste, but it’s a fall thing. Pumpkin picking is fun, though.”

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Stephanie Lemons

News Editor

“My favorite part of the fall season is that it’s getting closer to Christmas and the end of the semester.”

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Billy Trice

Sports Editor

“I like fall because it’s the beginning of the NFL season and I’m able to wear sweatshirts, jeans, and fleece shirts.”

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Yaasmeen Piper


“My favorite thing about fall is fall fashion, Halloween and the weather. Halloween is spooky and you get to dress up. I like that! The weather is cool, so you can wear cardigans, boots, and knee-high boots.”

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Michael Chintalan

A&E Editor

“I like the pretty pattern of the leaves and how they change colors. I like autumn because it’s chilly. It’s a perfect sweater weather, and I always wear sweaters.”

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