Dansbury Introduces Live DJ

Licensed by Creative Commons Dansbury Commons Dining Hall adds a live DJ to the daily meal times to liven up the mood.

Brian Ellis

Contributing Writer

If you have visited Dansbury Commons recently you would probably notice the set-up of speakers in the back of the cafeteria, or even hear a familiar song as you enter. 

In recent years, there has been an increase in the study of how music can affect the mood and perception of people. 

Researchers under Psychology Today and Science Daily have released research articles on how music affects the ways of thinking. 

The goal is to “liven up Dansbury,” said Curtis Dugar, Director of Residential & Dining Services. “There was once music in Dansbury before and students wanted it back.” 

To test the waters with the project the DJ will only appear in Dansbury twice a week. 

As the interview continued Dugar gave some other interesting insight into the DJ. One that especially stood out was how the DJ’s playlist are arranged by student organizations. This allows for there to be an element of diversity when it comes to the music. 

“That way there can be Hispanic music one day, then Rayga, Rock, Hip-Hop,” said Dugar. “Having that element of diversity and input from the students will help enhance the cultural experience for students.” 

Having the music aspect in Dansbury is an interesting idea, I was able to interview some students in the cafe about their thoughts on the matter. For the most part, students either said it was cool and different, they liked when they heard a song they knew, but there were those with issues as well. 

“It’s cool and all to have music, but it does not have to be blasting like I’m at a party,” said sophomore Angel Herrera. “I come here to relax and eat, you know to conversate with friends. If it were played more as background music, I wouldn’t have a problem with it.” 

Whereas, Taj Falconer, another Sophomore view was a little more nonchalant. “I just come here to eat. I noticed the music and heard a familiar song but otherwise, I didn’t pay too much attention to it.” 

Mr. Dugar addressed the issues by stating, “it would not be a problem to turn down the music a bit. The point of this is to enhance students’ experience, so we appreciate when we are able to get the feedback to make these changes.” 

Students must remember they have a voice and it does matter. If you have a problem or concern about something happening on campus speak up and make the faculty and staff aware. Their goal is to make your experience at ESU a positive one. 

The DJ in the cafe is only one example of how ESU is trying to incorporate student idea into different aspects of the campus. There may be some tweaks along the way, but if both sides work together the experience can be an even more positive one. 

Speak to a faculty member in Dining Services or someone in your student organization if you are interested in possibly hearing your favorite genre of music featured in Dansbury one day.  

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