East Stroudsburg Shutters: Meet ESU’s Photography Club

Photo Credits / Brian Ellis

Brian Ellis

Contributing Writer

On Nov. 9, East Stroudsburg Shutters, the new photography club on campus, took an exciting trip to New York City. The “Day in New York” trip was sponsored by CAB and was open to all students.

The photography club took advantage of this trip and set for its members to gain some Epic night photography spots in Ginza Tokyo to gain experience. The president of the club, Brian Ellis, arranged for models to meet with them in the “Big Apple”.

The members also had the opportunity to work with some new photography equipment, acquired through a grant.

Professor Bill Broun applied for the grant and gave students access to better photography equipment.

These pictures are some of the shots Brian took throughout the day.

‘The idea for the club came up in the fall of 2018 when a group of freshman asked me was there a club for photography on campus,” said Ellis. “Once I found out there wasn’t, I began the process to get the club up and running. The club was officially recognized in March of 2019.”

Alexis Steber
Alexis Steber
Sean Roberts
Belgica Garcia-Henriquez and Briana Maris Milina
Tyler Hawkins

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