Palumbo’s Pizzeria Offers Mouth-Watering Food

Photo Credit/ Max Augugliaro Palumbo's is a great alternative for an off-campus eating.

Max  Augugliaro

Contributing Writer

For everyone who has ever lived, some point in their lives, we have that one place that we become regulars at. 

We get that one place that we always know what we are going to get, we know where we are going to sit, and the employees pretty much know the aforementioned information, as well as our names. 

I felt that this one pizza place would be the perfect place for people to become regulars, especially since I am a regular at this place, so I thought I should talk about it!

For this review, I will go to one of my favorite places in the area, Palumbos Pizza in Stroudsburg Pennsylvania, to see if it still has the charm that I got from so many visits.

The pizzeria is in an area that has a lot of traffic flow, just over the Veterans Memorial Bridge that connects Stroudsburg to East Stroudsburg, so it is great for ESU students to visit if they ever go past Main Street!

The establishment interior itself is nothing too exciting to call home about, it has some pictures of what seems to be Italian scenery, relics of Italian soccer including a vintage jersey and a team photo of the 2006 World Cup-winning team, complemented by some small mirrors on opposing sides of the wall.

They also have one of those touch screen game machines that you put a dollar in it and you play a couple of games, they are on the table closest to the counter. 

The establishment does have a fridge of both sodas and beers, so now that ESU is a wet campus, it could be an interesting option! 

So, the interior of Palumbos is average, but I personally like the simplicity of it, I find it comforting.

Technically, I paid two visits to the establishment this week, one after school that for my dinner, and one over the weekend that served as my review visit. 

On my first visit, I got two of my favorite items on the menu, one of them is two slices of pepperoni pizza, and the other being a middle slice of Sicilian. The pepperoni slices were delicious, they were nice and savory with a little kick from the Pepperoni.

The same can pretty much be said about the Sicilian slice, the thing that really makes their Sicilian is the sauce! 

The sauce on the Sicilian is the chocolate on the strawberry! The Oreo crumble on the bottom of Cheesecake! It is the perfect complement to the specimen, and it is what makes my mom compare it to a pizzeria in New York!

On the weekend, in addition to the Sicilian slice, I had another favorite, the pepperoni roll, and a new menu item, the Sweet Teriyaki Wings. Although the roll was not completely heated up, I still enjoyed it! It comes with a side of dipping sauce (marinara I believe), which just enhances the flavor of the meal, and makes it very good! 

I have had the hot wings and the BBQ wing at this place before, but I never had the Sweet Teriyaki wings prior to the weekend visit. I loved how sweet and bold the flavor of the sauce contrasted with the savoriness of the chicken wings. 

The only complaint about the wings I have was that they might have come with an excess of sauce, but otherwise, they were great!

One the weekend visit, I noticed something that was minor, but I feel like it should be noted. One of the customers came in for a pickup, and he said hi to one of the employees by name. 

A little while later, he came out of the counter and the two started to have a little conversation about life, which goes to show that this is a special kind of place where you can make connections with people. 

A while back, I witnessed two friends walking in on each other here, chatting up about life as well, so it is no coincidence. 

The employees might look and act rough around the edges, but they are nice and friendly on the inside, you just should get to know them. And after a while, you encounter some regular customers how over time, become your friends.

The place is not perfect, but it is a great place to form great connections that last a lifetime, and a great place to have some great food, and for that, I give this place 4 stars. 

So, are you tired of the usual garbage that Pizzeria-wannabe fast-food chains such as Dominoes, Pizza Hut, and Little Caesars put out?

Are you tired of eating ketchup that you always taste on pizza in both Center Court and Dansbury Commons (excluding the build your own pizza stand)? And do you want to make connections that will last a lifetime? Because if so, Palumbos is the place for you!

Palumbos is in the Monroe at the intersection of McConnel & North 3rd Street in Stroudsburg right next to Smoking

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