We Asked Students: Your Worse First Date?

Screengrab via Greetingsfrombeacons Students share some of their worst experiences and feelings about their first dates.

Melissa Curran

Assistant Social Media Manager

*Note: All names have been changed due to privacy request*

“Back in high school, I was talking to this girl. She wanted to hang out. I didn’t drive at the time, so I told her I was down, but she was going to have to pick me up — a bad start to the date already.

Friday came along and off the bat, I could tell the vibe was off. I was holding the conversation upon my back, and I felt like I was legit talking to a brick wall.

We decided to go to the movies, the worst first date idea ever. We decided to watch 22 Jump Street. I was ready to bust out my best moves but boy I was wrong. 

This chick sat always leaning away from me, so I decided to shoot my shot, and I tried being smooth. I put my arm around her. 

My arm ended up awkwardly resting on her head for a solid five minutes, so I decided to give up. As soon as the movie was over I was so excited to go home because I didn’t have fun at all. It was so lame. She was driving me home and it was dark. 

She ended up hitting a possum or some big ass rodent in the road. I wasn’t paying attention because I was on my phone, but she slammed the car into a guard rail.

I was so upset that I called my friend to pick me up. Later that night she had the nerve to text me and say she had a “really good time” and that we needed to “hang out soon”. I left her on open and never talked to her again. She didn’t deserve a young king like me.”

-Mathew, Senior

“Right when the date started I realized that I didn’t like the girl. At all. It was horrible because everything she did annoyed me. Her laugh was annoying, the way she chewed was annoying, all of it.” 

-C.K., Junior

“I had never been on a blind date before until a few weeks ago. My step-dad set it up, and kinda hyped me up to the guy, he gave him my phone number. 

We started texting and he asked me out, but I had never seen him in person or anything since I didn’t have his snap and he had no pictures of himself on Facebook or Instagram. Long story short, we didn’t go out to eat anywhere and we just drove around. 

I thought the date went really well! After he dropped me off at my house I was expecting to get a text or something saying that he had fun and wanted to see me again, I got nothing. A few days went by, still nothing. 

I decided to text him asking if I did something wrong and he responded with, “Hey. I had a good time but you’re too young for me and just not my type. Sorry. I wish you luck.” 

-Kathryn, Junior

“One time I went on a date and I didn’t like him because he was creepy. I had to text my dad to come and get me out of it.” 

-C. Lee, Junior

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