Yes, College Can be Confusing, But is ESU Making it Worse?

Photo Credit/ Natalie Irula Understanding the requirements for a student's specific major can be confusing and finding those requirements can be confusing as well.

Lynne McGee

Staff Writer

Everyone that attends college wants to graduate on time, but don’t always realize what they are getting into with that promise. 

At ESU, many majors and even certain minors must fulfill requirements in order to graduate.

Though, how many students truly know that?

ESU offers 58 different majors to choose from.

Every major gives a detailed synopsis for all, though sometimes leave out some key details.

The other graduating requirements, however, are sometimes looked over.

Yes, the outside requirements, internships, extra-curricular, and more.

Though, how many people really know about these?

Even speaking for myself, I didn’t.

In a sample taken from a general education course out of 50 students, 29 students said yes, while 21 students said no.

In this sample, it did vary within majors and minors as well as class year.

“I guess that’s not something really talked about.” Alyssa Benson, a freshman, said.

“You know about the classes, but do you really know about everything else? What happens if you can’t do the extra requirements?”

Within ESU, when picking a major it is already known there will be specific classes needed to be passed in order to graduate, though some majors require more than that.

Though, is it on the students or the advisors to know and act on this?

In the English department, some majors are required to work on the Stroud Courier, and or the Calliope in order to graduate even if you have passed all the courses.

Some Psychology majors require a minimum of 200 hours working within an internship.

Some say it is on both the students and advisors.

“I was told to read into my major before applying into it. It is how I found out about needing an internship,” Dennis Callahan, sophomore, stated. 

“Once I met with my advisor it was brought up, but I found out myself.”

In the small sample, more students did in fact know about the requirements than not knowing.

Though, why is it some majors have extra requirements and some don’t?

It is an ESU policy, but this doesn’t suit all.

Is it fair for some majors to have requirements, but not all?

“I don’t think it is entirely fair.” Matthew Manning, senior spoke.

“Especially for majors requiring hours of internships and then having to go to classes. How is that fair to them? I think at least every major should require an internship. Not just for fairness, but the experience for everyone.”

Is this just a university policy?

Or a nationwide issue over majors?

Some majors do require more experience as opposed to others.

ESU is continuously working on helping students even after they graduate, which is why certain majors need more.

This should always be something looked into before committing to a major.

Make sure as a student, you are able to pass the course classes, but the extra requirements as well.

With any questions, your advisor will be able to help you.

This is a consistent question across majors, but nothing has been done to even the playing field.

Do you believe it is fair for only some majors to have extra requirements and not others?

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