Courier Staff Roundup: What We’re Up to During the Break

What We’re Watching 

“Under The Skin” (2013)

I love rewatching this movie because it’s a unique experience that has plenty to catch on subsequent views. It’s never dull, always entertains, and is one freaky masterpiece.

-Michael, A&E editor

“Train to Busan” (2016)

I love watching this movie because I love zombie movies. Train to Busan follows a father and daughter who become trapped on a moving train as the apocalypse breaks out in South Korea. It’s action-packed, suspenseful, and I highly recommend it if you’re into zombie movies. 

-Elizabeth, staff writer 

“Gintama” (2006)

It’s an anime that’s in the same magazine as some of the other most popular ones, like “Dragonball Z” and “My Hero Academia.” I heard it was really funny and I like things that can make me laugh. I’ve also heard it parodies a lot of other anime. So, I’m looking forward to seeing just how funny it is. 

-Jordan Patterson, staff writer

“Black Sails”

This is a show about the Pirates of Nassau back during the golden age of pirates. I’m on my second watch through, and it’s one of my favorites. It’s based around both real and fictional pirates and has a very loose interpretation of what was happening in that time period. I like to compare it to “Game of Thrones” but with pirates. It’s got very complex characters with motives that they are willing to burn down the entire west indies to achieve.

-Dan Stevens, staff writer.

“The Flash” series (2014-Present) 

I love manga/comics and DC Comics came out with this show about Barry Allen aka the Flash’s origin story. My brother has been telling me to watch it forever and I never did because I’m not the biggest fan of DC live-action anything (they do animation the best, in my opinion.) However, after raving about how good it is, I finally started it and now I’m on season 3. It’s really cool to see them bring iconic villains and heroes together in the show as well as mashups with other series characters that they’ve made TV series for. 

-Jazmin Cole, Social Media Manager

“How to Get Away with Murder”

The show is addictive, but also extremely annoying. I literally keep watching because every time someone “gets away with murder” someone else ends up dead, so the show keeps you trapped. I love Viola Davis in this role. Also, it keeps me from dying of boredom at home.

-Charlese Freeman, Student Life Editor 

“On My Block” (Netflix)

I had no idea that my favorite show was back with a third season, so when I logged into Netflix and saw new “On My Block” episodes, I was thrilled. This coming of age comedy is about five friends trying to navigate their way through South Central, LA and the local gangs. This show has everything: drama, romance and laugh-until-your-stomach-hurts comedy. “On my Block” is guaranteed to make you smile while the world is on fire. 

-Yaasmeen Piper, Editor-in-Chief 

What We’re Listening To

“Norman Fucking Rockwell!” by Lana Del Rey 

This album is art. Lana Del Rey is a queen. That is all. 

-Elizabeth, staff writer  

“Map of the Soul 7” by BTS 

I like that this album has a lot of different styles on it. It has some really upbeat pop and rap songs like “UGH!” or “On,”  but also showcases some slower ones like “Filter,” which has some really great Latin tones to it. 

-Elizabeth, staff writer 

“Coffee Breath” by Sofia Mills

I like this song because it’s upbeat and happy. The best way I can describe this song is that it’s a Tik Tok song, but don’t hate it until you listen to it!

-Melissa, assistant social media manager

“Chilombo” by Jhené Aiko

This album is everything. I love Jhené Aiko and her voice is soothing to me. I just really enjoy her vibe and she has so many relatable tracks that I can’t help but play all the time. “B.S.” featuring H.E.R., okay…when this song comes on…nobody talk to me, for I will be in my bad biddie bubble. 

-Jazmin Cole, Social Media Manager

“Samo Is Now” by WILLOW

Everyone needs to hear this song. My friend introduced it to me and I’ve been playing it nonstop ever since! It takes me somewhere else when I listen, it’s ethereal and smooth. It’s really satisfying. 

-Angelisse Alvarez, Staff Writer

“MAGDALENE” by FKA twigs 

FKA twigs is one of my favorite artists. Her music is so hypnotizing, which is right up my alley. She has an angelic voice and the instrumentals of her songs have such neat sounds. Her latest album is called “MAGDALENE” and my favorite track on it is fallen alien. I adore the entire album though!

-Angelisse Alvarez, Staff Writer 

“Love Don’t Cost a Thing” by Jennifer Lopez

It’s been stuck in my head since the superbowl. It’s one of my favorite J-Lo songs. I love a good throwback!

 -Charlese Freeman, Student Life Editor 

“The Anxiety” by WILLOW & Tyler Cole

I’ve been a fan of Willow Smith since the “Whip my Hair” days and it seems as if her music is always evolving. “The Anxiety” is a gritty, pop punk/ 90s rock-type album and I’m absolutely obsessed with the sound. WILLOW never ceases to amaze me. 

-Yaasmeen Piper, Editor-in-Chief 

What We’re Reading

“Uzumaki” By Junji Ito

It’s a horror manga about a cursed town plagued by spiral imagery. It sounds cheesy, but nothing captures horror quite like Ito’s artwork. It’s always a light and entertaining read that always gives me chills, just like all of his work.

-Michael Chintalan, A&E Editor 

“One piece” By Echiro Oda

“One Piece” is my favorite anime of all time. It’s a manga/anime about pirates, dreams, and freedom. I watched the anime for the first time a couple years ago and it’s held a special place in my heart ever since. I’m all caught up on the manga but aside from a few chapters and pages here and there I’ve never actually read it. So, I plan on starting to read all 974, as of now, chapters to experience my favorite fictional story again in its purest form.

-Jordan Patterson, staff writer 

“The Witcher” series of books by Andrzej Sapkowski 

This is about this dude named Geralt who is a monster hunter and has heightened reflexes and senses that he obtained through his mutation.  Witchers have a reputation and are a dying breed. Geralt is one of the last of his kind and lives out his days traveling the world and taking monster contracts. I like it because I am a fan of fantasy type novels and Geralt is a very complex and dynamic character, he has a dry sense of humor that always makes me laugh. He builds relationships with his people along the way, and the interactions are always entertaining. 

-Dan Stevens, staff writer

“The Vegetarian” by Han Kang

I just started this book a few days ago and plan to finish it during the break! It’s about a woman named Yeong-hye who regularly experiences horrifying, violent dreams. Due to the nature of these dreams, Yeong-hye quits eating meat. The story is already so intense even though I’m not too far in! I’m excited to continue reading. She’s an immediately interesting character. 

-Angelisse Alvarez, Staff Writer

“In Death” series by J.D. Robb

I started to read/listen to these books because of my mom. My mom listens to audiobooks and she got me hooked, especially on this series from J.D. Robb which is author Nora Roberts’ pseudonym. The series is about a female NYPSD Lieutenant, Eve Dallas and her husband. There is quite a bit of romance but the books are mostly about this badass female lieutenant in a futuristic-esque time who solves murder cases. Eve is a great character and I love listening to the books because there’s something about audiobooks that makes the “reading” experience better. The first book was written in 1995 and the series still continues, so it’s a pretty long series but each book is worth reading/listening to.

-Jazmin Cole, Social Media Manager

“Cherry” by Nico Walker

The first thing I read about this author was that he was an army veteran, a bank robber and currently serving time in prison. Based on that, I knew I had to read “Cherry.” The semi-autobiographical novel follows an unnamed narrator who navigates serving in Iraq, addiction, bank robbery and love. So far, the novel did not disappoint. 

-Yaasmeen Piper, Editor-in-Chief  

Brother I’m Dying” by Edwidge Danticat

I always both love and dread reading stories that talk about the falsehood we call “The American Dream,” but in this memoir, Daticat uses the stories of Haitian immigrants to show the flaws within our country.

-Charlese Freeman, Student Life Editor