Love in the Time of Social Distancing: How Couples Can Keep the Romance Alive During the Pandemic

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Angelisse Alvarez  

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Spending time indoors with your partner nearly 24/7 can be stressful for a lot of couples. As comforting as it is being near someone you love during a time full of anxiety, sometimes the days can be a little dull. However, this does not mean romance and passion will dwindle due to a lack of outside interaction. Here are some ways partners can bond while staying at home. After all, love requires communication, expression and commitment — social distancing or not.  

Indoor dates 

Partners can create indoor date nights by organizing a playlist while spending evenings cooking dinner together. 

As discussed in Gary Chapman’s book “The Five Love Languages.” cooking is perceived to be a demonstration of love due to its representation of the love languages, “Acts of Service” and “Gifts.” Cooking together covers the love language “Quality Time.”  

Creation can be soothing, so creating something like food is an undoubtedly romantic and thoughtful expression as it is nourishing. 

To achieve a romantic dinner, set the table nicely and pour wine or any beverage of your choice. Simple, but effective. If you have a deck or backyard space, put down a blanket and picnic. You could stay in comfortable clothes or dress up occasionally. Have variety.  

Consider starting the day with a wholesome breakfast date. If you and your partner were in separate places before social distancing was instructed, cook and eat together on video. 

Take a walk together 

Taking a walk and getting fresh air, while maintaining social distancing is another way to enjoy your partner. Walk with your partner in areas you know are clear of others. If you have dogs, make dog walking an activity you do together. For distanced couples, facetime while taking walks.  

Always pay attention to the news, but step away sometimes and spend time with your partner as a distraction. Get off twitter for a few hours. Instead, put on a movie or start watching a new show together.  

Start a new show 

This gives you both something to regularly follow and ensues engaging discussions about what you watched. These conversations progress after each episode.  

If distanced from each other, websites such as Metastream allow you to watch movies, shows and YouTube together. Netflix Party is an app that allows you to strictly stream Netflix. 

Though you’re likely sick of hearing about it, if you’re a student or professor, you could use Zoom to connect with each other when watching shows or films. You can also try Discord. It makes streaming videos with others possible, which can be accomplished by following this tutorial. You can also have listening parties on Discord to listen to songs at the same time.  


There are many games you can play together that are free or on the lower end of the gaming price range.  

One incredibly fun and free online game is, which is a drawing and guessing game. A similar game, though not free, is Drawful by Jackbox. As of April 5, there is a sale to purchase a party pack for $12.49.  

Stardew Valley is a popular simulation game that is available on most platforms for $15.  

Take turns when it comes to making choices on what games to play next.  

Sex, Sex, Sex 

Being home all day also provides more opportunities to be physical. Obviously, you should not be having sex with anyone besides your home partner during social distancing.  

If you do have a home partner, neither of you have symptoms and have been staying inside all this time, more time at home could allow for upping your sex life and trying new things.  

Having a healthy sex life helps to sustain relationship happiness. It can keep the passion alive and take your mind off current anxieties.  

If you do not live with your partner, you’ll have to utilize phone calls, texts, or video chats like facetime if you both still plan on interacting sexually. Do what you gotta do! You both will have something to look forward to throughout the day and can talk about what you’ll be doing to each other once reunited. 

Finally, make plans for the future 

Make holiday, birthday, or anniversary plans for when social distancing is finally over. 

Remember to be open with each other. Communicate your needs – talk about what’s working and what isn’t working. Being inside all day requires effective communication, and of course, healthy time alone. Be honest about your feelings and always be a listening ear. 

Remind your partner that you love them and why, especially if you aren’t within each other’s vicinities. Consider massaging each other to help relieve stress – up the tender gestures. But do always consider your partner’s love languages.  

This is a time where many are deeply anxious or depressed due to always being indoors. Support your partner every step of the way and comfort them when needed. Partake in activities that put smiles on your faces. 

You already have a bond, and it’s only going to strengthen. For those who are distanced from each other, that bond isn’t going anywhere! Always keep that in mind, check-in with each other and reach out.  

While the world is changing and will likely be very different when this is over, love is staying.   

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