News You May Have Missed due to the Pandemic

Helen Bradley 

Staff Writer 

The COVID-19 pandemic has been at the forefront of the nation and the world’s attention for around four months now. Often, it feels like nothing else is going on in the world. However, while it almost feels like time has stopped, the world keeps moving. So, what has happened over the past four months that we’ve missed? 

Greece elected its first female President 

Greece’s election actually happened back at the end of January, yet, still, most of us missed it! Katerina Sakellaropoulou received support from 261 out of 300 MPs in the parliament. Previously, she was a high court judge and human rights advocate. Sakellaropoulou becomes the first female President and will serve a 5-year term. Her predecessor described her election as offering “a window to the future.” 

Thailand is battling devasting fires 

You thought being quarantined because of COVID-19 was bad enough? Well not only is Thailand fighting the outbreak of COVID-19 but they are also up against major fires up North, in the Chiang Mai district. This area is right near the borders of Laos, Burma and China and, as the fire continues to spread, the surrounding countries are becoming threatened. The locals have described these fires this year as “the worst in their lifetime.” Fighting the fires are not state-trained officials like it would be here in America, but the locals themselves tackle the fires themselves. Several villages and locals have already perished without state recognition or support. Yet, somehow the locals are the ones being blamed for these fires, and if they do not put out the fires, they face mass village eviction from the area or even imprisonment. To add to it all, COVID-19 is creating a lack of understanding or support from the city people. 

A volcano in Japan erupted last week, spewing ash into the sky 

The volcano sits in between the cities, Kagoshima and Tarumizu. The volcano erupted around 7 p.m. local time and a level 3 near-crater warning was sent out. However, while the eruption caused a lot of ash and smoke, this was only an average eruption for Mt. Sakurajima. The volcano has been very active over the years, causing earthquakes and emitting lava. The cause of the recent eruption is still unknown yet scientists are looking into it. 

The Pink Moon 

Last week, America witnessed a Pink Moon. While we stay home, the natural world around us continues to run its course. Last Tuesday night was the biggest and brightest moon of 2020. It was around 7 percent bigger and 15 percent brighter than a regular full moon. The name Pink Moon comes from both the hazy pink color that seems to cover the moon as well as the spring flowers that come out during this time of year. This Pink Moon is actually the moon that determines the weekend of Easter.  

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