Workers on the Front Line During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Jonathan Mostafa  

Contributing Writer 

Pennsylvania, along with other states across the Nation, have stay at home orders in place along with temporarily closing all non-essential businesses.  However, there are still people getting out and going to work every day, risking their lives amidst the COVID-19 pandemic gripping the country.  These are positions that are essential to our everyday lives.  In the middle of a national emergency, they provide some sense of safety, normalcy and security, even if minuscule.  

Health Care Employees and First Responders 

 From Doctors and nursing staff all the way down to those bringing the sick to the hospitals like Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics, there is no question that anyone with-in the health care field is risking their lives to help others.  It’s paramount that these employees keep working during these arduous times for obvious reasons.  We cannot forget the cleaning staff as well, ensuring all those within the hospital are in a clean and sterile, safe environment.   

As medical supplies are already falling short, health care providers are finding it to be even more difficult to take care of the sick.  The job is already stressful enough without having to ask yourself: “Is this the patient that’s going to get me sick if I don’t have the correct protection on?”

Postal Employees 

Despite the current pandemic gripping our country, postal employees around the nation are still delivering our mail, ensuring we continue to receive our products, letters, bills, magazine subscriptions and much more coming to our front door.  On top of that, they are constantly in close contact with the general public, making their jobs more strenuous and difficult, in an already trying time.  

Grocery Employees 

For weeks at any given time, drive past your local grocery store and the parking lot is full.  Grocery store employees are currently experiencing “black Friday” crowds daily because of the current crisis we are facing.  These employees show up to work ensuring that America is fed while trying to maintain normalcy.  Only shop when you must, protecting not only you but the employees and everyone else as well.  

We can all, for the most part, agree that being in self-quarantine is not the most ideal situation right now, especially with the warmer temperatures on the way.  However, also keep in mind that every time you do decide to leave the house, you’re not only placing yourself and your family at risk but also those who are working to provide you a service as mentioned above.  If you find that you must leave the house for a good reason, take a moment to thank someone for working in any of these positions, it just might make their day a little less stress filled.

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