Courier Crew Weekly Roundup: 4/19

What We’re Listening to

“Chicago Boy” by Ari Lennox 

Her style is just a vibe. She reminds me of Erykah Badu.-Charlese Freeman, Student Life Editor 

“Move” by Baker Boy

Just a groovy song that makes me wanna move.-Helen Bradley, Staff Writer

“Light of Love” by Florence + The Machine 

This is Florence’s new single! Her voice is astounding as always, and Florence + The Machine is one of my all-time favorite bands. This song was also released in order to donate its proceeds to the UK Intensive Care Society. It’s gorgeous. -Angelisse Alvarez, Staff Writer 

“Halfway off the Porch” AG Club

I’m pretty sure the AG Club is made up of a bunch of teenage boys, but either way their sound is amazing. Their songs range from soft instrumentals to hype trap-like songs. My favorite songs off the album are “Memphis” and “Preach,” but the entire album is very unique and matching all of my moods.-Yaasmeen Piper, Editor-in-Chief 

What We’re Watching

“The Punisher” (Netflix)

I was forced to watch it, but it’s a really good show full of action, violence and all the stuff us humans love…haha.-Charlese Freeman, Student Life Editor 

“A Fall From Grace” (2020)

I am not a big fan of thrillers but I was persuaded into watching this one and it was good! I wasn’t expecting the ending at all!-Helen Bradley, Staff Writer

WNBA Draft  (4/17/20)

Considering no sports are on this is the best it can get!-Helen Bradley, Staff Writer

“The Office” (Netflix)

I’ve seen it once recently, but since I have lots of free time I decided to rewatch it. You can never have too much of the Dunder Mifflin gang.-Jordan Patterson, Staff writer

“Little Fires Everywhere” (Hulu)

The one show you wish you can binge-watch but can’t. The plot and character development get better every week.-Ayanna Totten, Staff Writer

What We’re Reading

“Detours” by Tony Evans 

It really is a devotional that speaks to faith during trying situations. It’s so appropriate and encouraging for the current circumstances, as plans have been derailed by this pandemic. -Charlese Freeman, Student Life Editor 

“You’re Allowed to Grieve the Year that Would’ve Been” by Candice Marie Benbow (Zora Magazine)

Yes, there are people out there who are legitimately grieving the loss of their loved ones and there is no pain that could compare to that. However, this article by Candice Marie Bendow reminds us that we are all grieving in some way. The COVID-19 pandemic took away weddings, graduations, proms, birthday trips, etc. It took away the sense of normalcy we had and this article reminds us that it’s okay to feel bad about that. Yes, it could be worse, but allow yourself the right to grieve. -Yaasmeen Piper, Editor-in-Chief

“The Darkside of Social Distancing” by Karizma N. Washington (The Stroud Courier) 

Yes, I did plug in my own publication, but Washington’s first article for the Courier is incredibly moving. She outlines what a lot of people aren’t talking about when it comes to social distancing: if you lacked connections before, quarantine only made it worse. I applaud Washington for being so honest with readers and letting them know that, while she is fighting it, there are times where she feels alone and I get it. -Yaasmeen Piper, Editor-in-Chief