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Netflix’s easy access and a plethora of T.V shows and movies have made the streaming platform a huge staple in today’s society. Similarly, anime has also become very popular. “My Hero Academia,” “Demon Slayer,” ”One punch man,” and “Attack on Titan” are all anime that have entered the mainstream recently. Luckily, these aren’t the only good anime there are.   

Top five 

5. “One Punch Man” (2015) – 12 episodes  

”One Punch Man” is about an overpowered bald man who wants to be a hero for fun. It’s one of the most popular new anime series out. It’s become widely known for its satirical take on both superheroes and the anime genre as a whole. It’s a legitimately funny show that doesn’t rely on the usual humor that comes from the anime genre. On top of that, it’s a truly well-written show. It’s about a man who has the power to end any fight in one punch, as the name would suggest. Revolving around an overpowered protagonist, the story still manages to stay completely entertaining through, not just its humor, but by taking the narrative focus away from the fights and placing them on the themes. Much like most of the anime on this list, Netflix does not have all of “One Punch Man” but it does have the first season which is half of what’s animated as of now. 

4. “Gurren Lagann” (2007) – 27 episodes  

“Gurren Lagann” is a story set in a post-apocalyptic world in which humans were driven underground by a race of beast-men for an unknown reason. This is probably where you can get the most bang for your buck as the shortest complete anime on this list. “Gurren Lagann” is the second most over-the-top anime on this list but that’s not a slight towards it. “Gurren Lagann” is a story about overcoming any hardships that might come your way and continue pushing forward no matter what. Despite its ridiculousness and absurdity, it’s also one of the most inspiring and motivational anime out there with an underlying maturity and darkness that make for a great watch. 

3. “Jojo’s bizarre adventure” (2014) – 74 episodes  

“Jojo’s bizarre adventure” doesn’t have one overarching plot due to the fact that with each part everything changes. As one of my favorite anime, It is also one of the most over-the-top anime to ever exist. Most people probably know the memes more than the show, namely the “to be continued” meme or the “oh, are you approaching me” meme. Jojo’s was a manga first published in 1987 and it’s one of the most influential manga to ever come out and has been referenced in many different works. However, there’s more to it than just memes and references. The show has a wide variety of colorful and flashy characters and a story that never gets too boring due to the fact that it’s willing to completely change its entire cast, plot, story, and genre when a story gets boring. Unfortunately, Netflix doesn’t have the two best animated parts of Jojo’s but it does have enough to get you started on your bizarre adventure. 

2. “Hunter x Hunter” (2011) – 75 episodes  

“Hunter x Hunter” is about a boy who sets out to become a hunter to find his father, who is also a hunter, that abandoned him at a young age.  It’s one of the best anime in its genre and sits at number two on my personal favorites list. It takes full advantage of what people have come to expect from the shounen genre to completely subvert the expectations that come with it and provide a fresh story. From the outside looking in, “Hunter x Hunter” can be viewed as the typical shounen with a happy go lucky protagonist and a fun world to live in but it explores some dark themes. The characters are well written along with some of the best villains in anime. On top of the great characters, the story is very deep and complex which makes for an anime that makes you think. This anime would be number one if it weren’t for the fact that Netflix doesn’t have all the episodes available, unlike the first entry. 

1. “Full Metal Alchemist” (2010) – 64 episodes  

“Full Metal Alchemist” is about two boys who, in a desperate attempt to bring their mother back from the dead, lost parts of their body. They seek to find out how they can recover what they lost by becoming an alchemist. It’s one of the few anime on this list that has all its episodes on Netflix. It’s also my fifth favorite anime of all time. In addition, It’s widely regarded as one of the best anime ever. It does a really good job of balancing both humor and lighthearted moments with dark moments. It has an intriguing story with a lot of deep and well-explored themes, a colorful cast of characters, great action scenes, and good voice acting. The themes and characters are both well explored and written. Every character in the show has a purpose and gets their individual moment to shine. It’s a great anime for people who do and don’t watch anime alike. 

Honorable mentions 

“Attack on Titan” (2013) – 25 episodes  

A post-apocalyptic anime about giant zombie-like monsters that have driven humans into territories surrounded by walls. I have never watched “Attack on Titan” but I’ve heard it’s very good. Unfortunately, Netflix only has the first season but that should still be enough to get you started.  

“Death Note” (2006) – 37 episodes  

“Death Note” is about a teenager who finds a notebook that gives him the ability to kill anyone who he knows the name of that he uses to kill anyone that might be deemed immoral. “Death Note” is on my watch list, however, I have yet to actually see it. This is one of the few shows on Netflix that has all its episodes. So, if you choose this one you’ll be able to watch it in its entirety.

“Haikyu” (2015) – 50 episodes  

“Haikyu” is about a boy and his dream to become like his favorite Volleyball player, the “little giant”. It has been able to contend with the heavyweights that exist in the same magazine such as “My Hero Academia,” “Dragonball z”, “Demon Slayer”, “One Piece”, “Naruto”, and “Bleach” for years and has been praised as being one of the best sports manga. This is another anime that is on my list that I haven’t gotten to but if you’re interested in seeing if “Haikyu”u is for you Netflix has the first 50, of the currently 85, episodes. 

“Naruto” (2006) – 220 episodes  

“Naruto” can be considered one of the classic anime and manga. For many, it’s one of the first anime they watch as they get into the medium. It’s about a child ninja who wishes to earn the respect and love of the people who inhabit his village by becoming the village leader, Hokage. The plot is solid, the characters are great, and the action is amazing. It’s a bit lengthy and can get bogged down by filler but it’s still a really good anime for anyone who hasn’t seen it.  

“Seven Deadly Sins” (2014) – 52 episodes  

A fantasy series about a band of knights who disbanded after being framed a long time ago and are now reuniting after the princess of the land sought them out to liberate the land from the knights who are being manipulated. This series has an intriguing plot and many well developed and tragic characters. In addition, the fights are also really well animated and the voice acting is excellent. “Seven Deadly Sins” is definitely worth the watch and Netflix has every episode except the newest season.

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