The Stroud Courier’s Declassified School Survival Guide

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Lynne McGee

Staff Writer

Most students have mastered the art of D2l and MyESU, though it seems virtual classes have caused that to change.

D2L is frequently used across many college campuses to allow online quizzes, droboxes and even alerts from professors.

It provides easy access for grades and projects online that are no longer feasible due to remote classes.

However, with recent implications due to the coronavirus, ESU is more dependent upon D2L than ever before.

Many incoming freshmen have voiced their opinions on not being proficient with the applications used.

With everything going on in recent times, it is easy to be overwhelmed while adjusting.

Here is ESU’s survival guide to tackling D2L and MyESU from the students themselves.

“Always have notifications set up, they will literally save your life some nights,” said Kali Brennan, senior. 

“D2L may be easy to figure out for the basics, but the little tricks it has is helpful and so many don’t know about them!”

D2L allows students to set up notifications via text message for certain things.

Which in turns sends a text when quizzes are due, droboxes closing soon, messages on the home page by professors, etc.

This helps students balancing many classes keep up with upcoming projects.

It can be found after signing in to D2L, hovering over a person’s name in the top right corner and clicking notifications on the pull-down tab.

This then brings students to a new page where they may add their number and select which notifications they want to receive.

Another important note stated by junior, Michael Harty brought up the importance of class lists on D2L.

“There are times you just can’t find the right email or need notes from a classmate, and it is useful,” Harty said. “Everyone’s username is their email, and probably the easiest way to reach them without texting them.”

To access a classes class list, simply click the communications tab and it will be the third row in the drop down.

It is easy to use and becomes very helpful when needing to get in touch with a student you may not even know.

Along with the use of D2L, there is also MyESU that gives students a more personal view into their classes.

MyESU can be found on the school’s homepage in the top right corner. Once in, a student can find their information under the student tab.

When asking junior, Brittney Moore, she mentioned MyESU as a whole.

“You can do almost everything from there, it’s good to go in and just look through it all,” Moore said. 

“You can change your meal plans, it helps you register for classes, register for rooming situations. It can be the easiest and the most confusing thing at the same time.”

Registration is in the top right column. As meal plans and room and board may be found towards the bottom left of the page.

Along with those, students may see midterm and final grades within the “Students” tab, as well.

MyESU offers the use of WarriorLink and eWarrior which help students change and or add majors and minors.

Though, the most helpful thing seemingly is Degree Works under student resources.

This is where students can see their progress throughout the next four years made through classes, and requirements needed.

Some students have easily found their way through these two applications, and others have found confusion.

Check out my video for some tips and tricks to surviving online classes through D2L and MyESU this semester.

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