What are Students Watching During Quarantine?

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Saylin Rojas

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As everyone knows, we are currently living during a pandemic which has caused us a lot of things and a lot of changes. 

We have tried different trends to keep us busy and not become bored, including watching or binge watching television shows and movies. 

Everyone has a different taste in shows and different reasons for watching them. 

“I’ve been watching ‘The Society’ during quarantine,” said Brielle Turner, Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management major.

“I started watching ‘The Society’ because it looked like an interesting mystery and drama; and I like those types of shows. Each episode left you off questioning what was going to happen next,” said Turner.   

Criminal Justice major, Kyle Turner, said, “Over quarantine I watched YouTube videos on cars and working on cars. This was engaging to me because I am very interested in cars and watching their videos helps me work on my own cars.” 

Bryden Far, a Criminal Justice major, expressed through our social media platform that he watched, “Tiger King’’ because there was a big hype and I was bored. I love how all these people on social media turned it into a murder case.”

Digital Media Technology major, Danny Blax direct-messaged our account saying, “Cobra Kai’ is based off the karate kid. It kind of switched the narrative of the story so that’s why it was engaging. I watched it for the love of ‘Karate Kid.”

Elena Bentozi, a Criminal Justice major said, “Teenage Bounty Hunters’ was my show during quarantine. I chose this show because it is a mixture of genres, so it basically has a little bit for everyone.”

 Other students mentioned series such as “Criminal Minds” and “Money Heist.”

Everyone has different interests in shows or even which platform they choose to watch them on. 

Some people choose shows based on their major, others simply for the fun of it and because it is the talked about show at the time.

If you haven’t watched any of these shows yet and need something new to watch take a look at these. I’m sure you’ll find something that catches your eye! So, give these shows a try.

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