Introducing: The Stroud Courier’s Student Business Spotlight

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Column by Melissa Curran

Student Life Editor

This week’s student business spotlight is on @recycle_thrifts, owned by freshman Tristen Kalt.

Kalt, a Communications and Sciences Disorders major, originally from Jermyn, PA, started selling clothes out of her closet in 2016 on Vinted. Vinted is an online marketplace and app where users buy and sell second hand clothing.

Photo Credit/ Tristen Kalt

She moved to Poshmark and Mercari in 2017, where she was able to reach a broader audience and began making more of a profit.

In 2019 Kalt began selling thrifted and vintage clothing on Vinted, Poshmark, Mercari, Depop, and Curtsy. This not only increased her volume in sales, but she started to gain more of a following

Rather than selling around five items a year, she began selling at least 5 items a month.

“I now sell on five different shopping apps so I get more business targeting many different crowds,” said Kalt. 

“I really hope to start my own business whether it’s just online, or both online and in store. It’s  really good for the environment and you can find really rare things that no one else may have.” 

Photo Credit/ Tristen Kalt

“I still sell my old clothes, thrift, rework thrifted items and support other thrift accounts and still shop at the thrift store for my personal needs,” said Kalt. 

Kalt also sells upcycled thrifted items. 

Photo Credit/ Tristen Kalt

The waffle knit top with the flannel sleeves pictured above was inspired by a YouTube video she watched; ultimately making Kalt a self taught diy-er (with help from her mom on learning how to sew).

“I mostly figure out how to sew the pieces together on my own from my imagination! I’m very creative so it’s not a surprise if I see an item that can be reworked and I like the idea that I can transform it and make it my own if I don’t like the original,” said Kalt.

“For those students who have been wanting to start a business and don’t know where to start, I encourage them to reach out and join our Warrior Launchpad, ESU’s student business incubator,” said, Jamie Kizer, the interim Director of Entrepreneurship. 

“Together we can brainstorm and test some of your ideas for viability and start the process of creating a business plan and developing your niche.”

“The first place to start however, is to think about what problem you’re trying to solve, who is your ideal customer, and how you will make money. From there we can fill in the pieces such as which platform is the best for marketing; how will you develop a following; how will you manage growth,” said Kizer.

On Nov. 10 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., the “Hustles and Gigs Student Business Expo” will be held via Handshake. 

Register here:

Follow Tristen @recycle_thrifts on Instagram, on Vinted.

Are you an ESU student and run a small business or know of a student run business on campus? Email Melissa Curran at or send @thestroudcourier on Instagram a message. 

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