The 2020 Console Wars: PS5 vs XBox Series X

Photo Credit/ Sony and XBox

Max Augugliaro

Assistant News Editor

The biggest decision coming up in November, well other than the Presidential Election of course, is the decision between what console you are choosing!

With the latest installments of the world’s biggest consoles, Xbox and PlayStation, hitting the market soon, the console wars have never been so intense before.

The Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 each have their own unique new features and enhancements to offer to consumers, and both are looking to dominate the gaming market heading into 2021.

I personally will be purchasing the PlayStation 5 when it comes out. 

PlayStation has always been a member of my family.  From the original PlayStation that my parents had, to the PlayStation 2 that I personally played a lot growing up. 

The only PlayStation that I did not play on a regular basis was the 3rd generation, which, for a short while, was overtaken by the Xbox 360.  

To be fair, a lot of my childhood was spent secretly admiring the Xbox 360 when I went to play it at my friends’ houses, so I was still excited to get one on Christmas 2012 near the end of its cycle.

 When it came time that the new consoles came out in 2013, I was immediately drawn back to the PlayStation with the 4th generation. 

Honestly, that was mainly for its interesting design and the nostalgia of playing on a similar, yet matured, controller.

I was not allowed to play certain games when I was a teen, so my main game throughout my teenage years was FIFA, which I still like to this day, despite some not so great things about it. 

Now that I can play a wider range of games and the nice cozy grip of the PlayStation controller has remained imprinted onto my hands and will continue to do so for the new generation.

To be honest though, I would probably get both consoles if I had the money to do so, just so I could have the option to play games on Xbox and see how they are. 

Halo was also a game I secretly admired growing up, and I was thinking about buying it for my PlayStation before I found out it was an Xbox exclusive. 

So, I definitely would not mind the option of playing Halo Infinite if given the chance.

The console wars will be the talk of the final stages of 2020, other than that of the Presidential Election (PLEASE VOTE!!!!!), but I do not think that it has to be this way.  

Both consoles perform greatly in their own unique ways, and it is all just a matter of your personal preference.

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