Fall Fashion: Our Favorite Student Looks

Photo Credit/ Nicole Battiston

Sarah Dass

Contributing Writer

As summer winds down and transitions to autumn, fashion trends shift and change to correspond with the weather. 

In Pennsylvania, that means colder weather that can dip into the mid 40’s. Yes, weather can be tricky but students seem to find a balance of comfort and style.

Due to COVID-19, there seems to be a priority of comfort in student style. 

“Student fall fashion is considerably different this year due to the fact that COVID-19 has students across the U.S. taking classes online in the comfort of their own homes,” sophomore Erin Rodriguez said. “Most women are found wearing sweat suits and athletic apparel on a day-to-day basis.”

Rodriguez describes her own personal style this season as “a time to cover up and get cozy…it’s about staying warm but still looking cute.” 

When going out to impress, she says that the fall season is a great time to add colorful, earthy-toned layers to an outfit. 

Rodriguez is not the only student at ESU dressing for comfort. 

Nicole Battiston, a sophomore, describes fall fashion this year as “comfy yet trendy.” 

Other than that, fashion trends Battiston has been following includes anything leather. 

“I recently got some leather pants and an oversized leather jacket. I think it’s so cute and can be paired with almost anything and it’s so warm!” she said.

She also loves pairing flannels with crop tops and jeans, as she describes it as “such a classic look!” 

Flannels are no stranger to fall fashion, especially for men, as it can be worn for both fashion and warmth during the chillier months. 

Marc Bain, a sophomore, thinks of them as a staple in autumn. 

Photo Credit/ Marc Bain

“I think that they’re great to pair with any outfit to add a nice touch of color and to make the outfit ‘pop’ a little more,” Bain said.

He is also a fan of layering in the fall, so he often reaches for flannels and jackets to add more colors and warmth to his outfit. 

Although comfortable and casual fashion choices can be the go-to for some, others prefer a more noticeable style. 

Kimberly Coreas, a sophomore, describes fall fashion this year as “oversized light academia.” 

Photo Credit/ Sarah Dass

Academia is a type of fashion style that draws inspiration from education, particularly influences in journalism, writing, and poetry.

She also notes that wearing a white collar under an oversized sweater is a common occurrence now, and that form-fitting jeans have moved over and made room for wide pants. 

There are a few autumn staples in fashion. For example, flannels, leggings and jackets are items that are deemed as “classic” by students and are typically seen every year on campus. 

This season’s fashion indicates lots of oversized clothing like jackets, cardigans and sweaters, specifically. 

Typical colors often worn each year include olive green, maroon, soft shades of brown and black as well. 

Including these colors together with cardigans, jackets and/or sweaters has been a trend in past fall seasons, as well as 2020.

As for jewelry, students tend to reach for warm-toned pieces, yellow and rose gold specifically. Layering necklaces over a simple top is also a popular look for some. 

Another jewelry trend includes adding and stacking rings. 

As the crisp autumn air gets colder and the leaves finish falling, students will tend to reach for coats, scarves, and gloves. 

For now, students enjoy the early fall season where their creativity blossoms at its peak.

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