Meet the Editors: Nick Stein, Melissa Curran and Jordan Patterson

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The Stroud Courier welcomes News Editor, Nick Stein, Student Life Editor, Melissa Curran, and Opinion Editor, Jordan Patterson, with open arms.

Stein, 20 and a junior Economics major, has been a part of the newspaper for about two years and saves every story he writes. 

“I enjoy writing and providing people with relatable and essential information,” Stein said.

 “And I would like my section writers to feel as if they are a part of something essential and important.”

Outside of school, he plays piano, as he has since he was seven, with his church choir, builds computers and works at a treatment center for people with special needs, where he clocks in over 40 hours a week.

The self-proclaimed introvert and New Yorker hopes to move on to law school, a goal inspired by his own experience with the criminal justice system.

“Growing up with an incarcerated parent gave me insight into the injustices embedded in our criminal justice system,” said Stein.

His music tastes include gospel music, of which one of his favorite albums is “I’ll Say Yes” by The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir.

When asked what advice he would give to current students, Stein said, “Check your email.”

Melissa Curran, 21 and Digital Media Technologies major in the Video and TV Production track, had been training for this position since last year.

“I’ve always had a passion for writing and I have thought about pursuing a career in journalism/\ or news, so The Stroud Courier was the perfect place to start my writing portfolio,” said Curran.

“As an editor I can get more experience editing articles and working on AP Style writing. I’m looking forward to being able to edit a variety of Student Life Articles and getting to work with great people!”

Coming from working exclusively with social media within The Stroud Courier before, Curran is focused on a student-driven and inspired approach to her newest position.

“Now that we’re fully online for the rest of the year, I think keeping the Student Life section upbeat and happy for the readers is important,” said Curan. 

“Not that it wasn’t before or now, but I think having articles highlighting students and how they’re doing or what they’re doing is important, it keeps the section relatable.”

Although she is an avid runner, training for her half-marathon and Boston Marathon goal, who takes six classes and works two jobs, she loves spending her free time relaxing, sleeping and watching Netflix or Youtube.

Hobby-wise, Curran is passionate about creating.

“I love making films and short videos, writing scripts, designing graphics, and drawing,” said Curran.

When asked what advice she would give to current students, Curran said, “Push through it and don’t give up! Especially if you’re a freshman, I know it can get really hard and overwhelming. Don’t let yourself get discouraged either. You need to see the bigger picture. You got this!”

Jordan Patterson, soon-to-be 23 and a senior Digital Media Technologies major, holds a very grounded, yet liberating philosophy of going where the wind takes him, but also doing the best he can in whatever he does.

“I always try to strive to do my best.” said Patterson. “So, I don’t like to just do things, but I like to do them well and, if I can, I want to do them better than anyone has, or will.”

Patterson hopes to engage readers within his section by publishing personal and relatable content, and is even working on his own web comic.

His prior experience includes working on a media website for the school he transferred from. 

In Patterson’s personal life, he finds joy within the simple things.

“My ten favorite things in life are ‘One Piece,’ my best friend, full moons and starry nights, rainy days, long drives, basketball, freedom, laughing,  the color blue and my bed,” said Patterson.

The french-fry lover and creative writer is passionate about film and video, as reflected in his major, for both what it is and what it represents: freedom.

When asked what advice he would give to current students, Patterson said, “Use your free time effectively. Just because you don’t feel like doing stuff, that doesn’t mean you’re busy.”

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