Meet the New Editors: Anastasia Basheer and Telly Diallo

Photo Credit/ Anastasia Basheer and Telly Diallo

Natalie Irula


The Stroud Courier welcomes Arts and Entertainment Editor, Anastasia Basheer, and Sports Editor, Telly Diallo, as our newest additions to the team.

Basheer, 23, is a sophomore majoring in Communications with concentrations in Public Relations and Broadcasting, while also completing a minor in Digital Media Technology with a concentration in Interactive and Social Media.

Her first name, pronounced [Ana-stas-zia], is often mispronounced, but she is on a mission to not just accept it, as she always has, and correct people to say her name right stating, “After all, your name is your brand.”

“I would like to find my style and have my work recognized by the readers,” said Basheer.. 

“I am excited to work with the writers to provide informative and enjoyable stories, on as much as we can inform them on, in the arts and entertainment realm. Especially now during the pandemic, when we’re all stuck indoors.”

Born in Queens, raised in Trinidad, she has had an interest in journalism since childhood, dreaming of becoming a news anchor. 

Basheer is focused on getting ahead as much as possible and understands the fundamental importance of looking inward in terms of self-improvement.

“Honestly, there’s no such thing as free time as a single mom and student,” she said, speaking on her pastimes.

“However, I enjoy working out, which has not been happening recently, which upsets me at times. I also like to bake. I actually did my daughter’s first and second birthday cakes and I can play the piano but I am out of practice.”

When it comes to her music tastes, she listens to, “Honestly, a little bit of everything,” and her go-to guilty pleasures are indulging in chocolate and listening to her favorite songs on repeat.

“Never lose sight of your dreams, even though things may get tough,” said Basheer, when asked what advice she would give to current students.

“Because I believe seeds are planted where they’re meant to bloom and, as said by actor David A.R. White, ‘Every hardship you endure and every failure you withstand could very well be the stepping stone to success and the realization of your God-given dream.’”

Telly Diallo, 19 and a freshman Computer Science major, is looking forward to his next few years at ESU with ambition and optimism. 

From Burlington, NJ, Diallo’s skills include coding, writing and sports, inspiring both his path of study and his involvement in The Stroud Courier.

“Journalism has been an interest of mine and I am looking forward to editing the stories,” said Diallo.

Chocolate-lover and introvert, his ideal day off looks like a relaxing day inside, drawing, watching movies and shows and eating fast food.

Diallo also enjoys listening to Rap, playing basketball, going for runs and bike rides.

He is passionate about providing education to those who are unable to receive it.

In only his second month in college, Diallo is already in a leadership position and will only continue to rise by, “Only putting the best work forward and creating a high standard.”

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